Reviews for Pilot USA P-1151ACB Pilot Cadet Headset - Blue/Red

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Headsets Are Incorrectly Measured for Youth

  • By Judy from Florida on Thursday, December 12, 2013
  • Pros: Good ear cups and well made headset
  • Cons: Useless for Youth. Good for adults or larger heads
  • Review: The length of the connector between the ear cups was incorrectly measured by the designer for children or small adults. They will correctly fit an adult head.

    The reviewer who wrote that these headsets do not fit a two year old is correct. This two year old will not grow into these. I am a small, but not that small, adult woman. At the smallest/tightest adjustment, they go below my ears. They do NOT fit, and will never fit a child properly.

    BUT a child or youth without experience with headsets will not know the difference, or that they do not fit. Children who have used headsets that fit will complain.

    I also agree that two different colored ear cups is not attractive. I do not recommend these. I had to design a makeshift head pad in order to use these. It is ugly.

    Since most children will not know the difference.I recommend you measure the distance between ear cups and buy only headsets that adjust correctly.
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