Reviews for Jeppesen Private Pilot Training Syllabus

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Very Good Product

  • By Dan from Port Charlotte FL USA on Wednesday, July 03, 2013
  • Pros: Easy to use, well planned out.
  • Cons: Jumps around a little
  • Review: Does a very good job of presenting the material. naration sometimes jumps and starts over. Presents the material in a concise easy to learn way. Mini-quizes very helpful.
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Everything you need as a CFI, but with some hiccups.

  • By Ferdinand from Irvine CA USA on Tuesday, August 03, 2021
  • Pros: Everything an instructor needs.
  • Cons: ADM is introduced too soon.
  • Review: Appearance: The manual is bound with a metal spine binding. This makes it
    a) last much longer than the glued binding - glues break down in time;
    b) easier to flip the pages;
    c) harder to accidentally tear a page.

    Content layout: Well-designed, logical layout. It has everything the instructor needs to successfully train his/her student. The topics have check boxes which can be used to keep track of the student's progress. There are two parts of the syllabus: the ground school (training) part, and the flight training part. I really like the appendices at the back - they are a great helper for the instructor.

    My only gripe with the syllabus: the ADM is introduced in the first ground lesson. IMHO, this is like putting the car before the horse. Initially, the instructor makes all the decisions, while the student is focused on learning how to handle the airplane. Only AFTER your student has learned to manipulate the airplane reasonably well, you would start transferring the decision-making to your student little by little.
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