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Bose A30 nice but not a good upgrade from A20

  • By Dale from Scottsdale, AZ on Friday, April 21, 2023
  • Pros: high quality headset
  • Cons: hot a significant upgrade from A20
  • Review: I love the quality of my A20 and thought I would give the A30 a try. While it is lighter than the A20, it was hard to notice while wearing them. Also, to me the sound was a little tinnier than the 20 and there was a slight hiss when talking. All in all it is a high quality headset, but I just didn't think it was a worthwhile upgrade from the A20.

    Hope this helps
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Extremely Comfortable

  • By A Customer from Scottsdale, AZ on Monday, March 27, 2023
  • Pros: Great headset, quality is nice. I really like how they cleaned up the wires.
  • Cons: The noise cancelation will start tripping out when the door or window is open on the ground. Once the doors are shut and I'm out flying, I don't notice this issue anymore.
  • Review: The headset is super lightweight and comfortable on my head. The less clamping force is a huge plus compared to the A20, I don't even notice the headset is on after 5 minutes. I don't really use the different level of noise cancelations, but it's a nice feature for when the engine isn't running.
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Very long cord and excess packaging

  • By A Customer from Georgetown, TX on Wednesday, April 05, 2023
  • Pros: Good build quality, excellent ANR.
  • Cons: Very long cord, way too much packaging
  • Review: Headset itself is as advertised. Nicely finished, good ANR and function. For some reason, the cord on the GA two-plug version is about 18" longer than that on the A20. Just more cord jumble to sort out in the cockpit.

    The packaging is awful. Box inside a box inside a box. The second-level box cannot be opened; it must be surgically removed.

    I still have no idea of the purpose of the rubber keeper for the control module.
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