Garmin D2 Air X10 Aviator Watch

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  • By on Monday, May 30, 2022
  • Review: I very much wanted to like this watch. I waited through 2 D2 Air iterations before I bought this watch. I planned on returning it but alas, I was on an extended business trip and would not have been able to return it in the time allotted by MPS.
    Primary issues I have with this watch:
    * It doesn't connect with Foreflight. I knew this going into the purchase but still frustrated that my foreflight app and my watch do not talk and need to manually enter changes to a flight plan...etc. I did this once then did not use the watch again for that purpose. Far too distracting in the cockpit.
    * The METAR function - Too convoluted to change airports. Cannot change to another airport from the current METAR page. They got it right with the Airport Info page why not duplicate that functionality?
    * Wristband out of the box barely goes around my wrist.
    * Limited number of watch faces for Aviation usage.
    * Pulse Ox quite inaccurate when compared to my finger tip unit which I know is within a point of accuracy.( 89% vs 96% on my unit)
    I'm hopeful that Garmin and Foreflight come together and build an API that can be used by the accessories on the market so that they connect with their applications so someday I'll have a firmware update that will let me connect to my watch. Otherwise it's still not ready for prime time in the cockpit.

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