Reviews for Thrustmaster TCA Boeing Yoke Pack for XBox and Windows

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Too much whiz and not enough bang

  • By David from Wimberley TX USA on Wednesday, May 18, 2022
  • Pros: The yoke is very realistic and smooth.
  • Cons: With the exception of the yoke the rest of the package is subpar for Thrustmaster in my opinion.
  • Review: I am disappointed with this purchase. The yoke is nice with smooth action but the x box type buttons are annoying, the gear lever does not work as it should, Not enough buttons for easy operation.
    The throttle quadrant with without enough slots for the speedbrake AND the flaps is a ripoff. Having to purchase two for full functionality is robbery. The dials are cheaply made and do not function properly. I have researched forums for months now and can't find configuration information that works.
    I finally gave up and ordered the Alpha from Honeycomb.
    First Thrustmaster product I have ever bought that did not satisfy me.

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