Reviews for Yaesu FTA-850L NAV-COM Aviation Transceiver

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  • By on Friday, July 15, 2022
  • Review: Not sure if this radio has been designed for pilots.
    A nagging reminder "you assume total responsibility and risk..." has to be confirmed at each power on.

    The list of odd handlings is long.
    - Freqs cannot be put in the order you need them, but are listed alphabetically,
    - no wrap-around in most lists: when you are at the end of a 50+ list you have to step back to go to the first item
    - navigation is strange: when you GOTO a point, pilots would expect a course, but just get a red blob on a compass rose which is dancing when you're on ground,
    - GPS reception is slow and easily screened
    - VOR settings can only be made after VOR reception,
    - Keys are too small compared to competitors and poorly lighted.

    A nice radio to play with at your office desk, but of limited use in your cockpit.
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