Noral MACH 1 Flight Bag

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  • By A Customer from San Francisco (Please select) USA on Tuesday, June 14, 2011
  • Pros: Light
  • Cons: Size should be one inch beager in each direction
  • Review: It is hard to use side pockets for knee board. I miss pockets for my cell phone, calculator etc.
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Average bag

  • By A Customer from Boston MA on Wednesday, March 23, 2016
  • Pros:
  • Cons: Expensive
  • Review: I had high hopes for this bag because of all the great reviews. It's your typical flight bag for being $100 dollars I would think it would come with some special fitted compartment for your headset and other necessary tools you would carry on the flight but it's jut a regular duffel bag. I would recommend this but for $100 is expensive for that is it.
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Nice looking but not what I hoped for

  • By Andy on Tuesday, September 30, 2008
  • Pros: Nice looking
  • Cons: ot as big or functional as I was hoping
  • Review: I had high hopes for this bag. It was a graduation present to myself for getting my PPL. I had been using the Gleim bag I got with my student package. I was hoping for something a little bigger (not a lot), and something a little more stylish. This bag looks very nice but is vitually identical to my Gleim bag. But there are a couple drawbacks. The main compartment has no dividers. Throwing everything in one compartment would make it a nightmare to try to retrieve something like a plotter in flight. I alo like the ability to keep my flight plans and other paperwork in both of the side areas off to the sides of my main compartment. This leaves the center section of the main compartment for bulkier items like my kneeboard or camera or even my fuel testing cup. The other thing I was disappointed with is the size of the headset compartment. It is large enough to fit around my DC's, but not thick enough. That is, the compartment only sticks off the side of the bag about 2.5-3" or so. It will easily close over my headset, but that is because the headset is pushing into the main compartment. As an aside, I guess I've grown used to having outside chart pockets too. The Noral has a zippered pocket for the purpose. So the bag is nice looking (probably not nice enough for the price tag ...and maybe why it is now almost $9 dollars cheaper), but just not as functional to me as my inexpensive Gleim bag. Maybe I'll go back and take another look at that update of the "original" flight bag at Sporty's was it?? Maybe it's a little closer to what I wanted. Very happy with MyPilotStore still though.
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