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Also works as a stylus for your devices

  • By Phil Bohlken from Knoxville, Tennessee on Tuesday, January 24, 2023
  • Pros: Writes very well, can also be used as an electronic stylus.
  • Cons: The refills are sometimes not as easy to find as other refills.
  • Review: My son gave me one of these as a gift almost 30 years ago. I did not use it much because I really like fountain pens and have several. But, I have been retired ten years and do not write much since. A fountain pen dries out in the nib from such low use. I began using my Cap-O-Matic. It is easy to carry, takes plenty of abuse, writes smoothly, extends and retracts easily, and it works very well as an electronic stylus. Just hold the pen at exactly a right angle to the device screen. It can be used to tap, to scroll, and to drag. Advertising pens are beginning to appear with soft rubberized domes for use as a stylus, but the capacitive dome sometimes is brushed off of the pen from under another layer of clothing, like a sweater or a jacket. Those domes are very difficult to get back in place, even if you do find it again. The Cap-O-Matic does not have that problem. Just be certain not to wear gloves when wanting to use the pen as a stylus.
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This pen is awesome.

  • By Jessica from Nashville TN USA on Tuesday, May 24, 2022
  • Pros: Writes on any type of paper and at any angle.
  • Cons: D
  • Review: I had one of the original Fisher Space Pens when I was a kid decades ago. Somewhere along the way between high school and the Air Force I lost it and was never able to find another one until I read an article in Pen World magazine that featured the pen. I was so excited to find out they were still making them that I did an internet search and found them listed on this website. I immediately ordered one and haven’t looked back since.

    This pen isss VVC awesome. It is easy to use and to carry. I take it with me everywhere I go. It will write on practically any porous surface that I have tried to write on even if the paper is wet. I have even written with it in my journal while laying on my back in bed. I can’t recommend the Fisher Space Pen highly enough.
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