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Lots of *dry,* repetitive text in paragraphs, page after page. Needs more emphasis, memory tools and memorable illustrations.

  • By Claudia from Indianapolis IN USA on Monday, September 23, 2019
  • Pros: LOTS of repetition - memorizing how to word my responses to the examiner
  • Cons: Needs to emphasize important points - maybe by having it pre-highlighted, or larger fonts, shorter paragraphs
  • Review: I still learned some tips from, it but I am already done with my ground school, video training (King) and most of my flight training for CPL -- the reason I purchased this was to emphasize what I had learned in flight (so many maneuvers, so many speeds and criteria to commit to memory, so many subtle nuances to aircraft performance - it would have been too difficult if I had used *ONLY* this tome).
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