Reviews for Headset adapter for ICOM, IC-A3, IC-A22, IC-A6, IC-A24, and IC-A14

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Needs to have Ferrite beads installed

  • By Michael from Renton WA USA on Wednesday, January 25, 2012
  • Pros: Easy of use and installation
  • Cons: allows radio transmission feedback to enter the radio.
  • Review: Although the form and fit are great, the function leaves a lot to be desired. Using the remote PTT switch only induces a high frequency squeal over the radio and headset. ICOM suggested the use of a ferrite bead in a couple of locations but I found that ineffective. I ended up using three ferrite beads along the length of the adapter from the radio to the headphone/microphone breakout. This solved the problem completely. ICOM knows about it but I think they should be using shielded cable for the adapter or use built in ferrite beads to eliminate the feedback issue. Once I applied the three ferrite beads, the adapter works like a charm. If you don't have the ferrite beads, it's pretty much useless when being used with the remote PTT.
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