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Logbook and FAA Regulations?

  • By Andrew from Hebron KY USA on Tuesday, August 18, 2009
  • Pros: Looks are unmatched!
  • Cons: Behind the times on FAA regulations covering logbook entries.
  • Review: This product is the most used logbook here in the US, but doesn't cover the regulations required of us by the FAA. I would think that a log as popular as this would want to keep up on the times and changes as regulations change. There are other logbooks out there that follow the regulations in more detail, but lack the looks and leave little room to enter data. Alternative, you say? EXCEL! Make your own logbook. Its easy, fun, and allows you to cover all the basic regulations required by the FAA, and more. What about signatures? You can either have the signer electronically sign it, or just print the page and have them sign it with a pen. Endorsements are made easy, just click and past from the appropriate Advisory Circular. Other alternatives are LogTen Pro or any of the other multitudes of electronic logbooks out there. Be careful some require yearly fees while others only cost once. One nice feature of Excel the other electronic logs do not have is the ability to back up prior paper logs by scanning them and referencing the photos to specific electronic entrees. This can be done with any image, such as: photograph of the airplane you flew, photo of your flight instructor, photo of the restaurant that had the best burger ever, or prior endorsements.
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Columns too narrow

  • By Karen from Granite Bay CA USA on Tuesday, November 12, 2013
  • Pros: Nice cover
  • Cons: Column width.
  • Review: Disappointed. Columns too narrow. Landing summary column limited to two hand written numbers at best. Endorsement column too narrow and not enough space for me to adequately describe. Will not order again. Actively looking for different log book.
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Disappointed by my second Jeppesen logbook purchase.

  • By A Customer from Ann Arbor, Michigan on Sunday, June 08, 2008
  • Pros: A spot for almost anything you would want to log.
  • Cons: Very cheap paper. New darker green is harder to read.
  • Review: Originally puchased a Jeppesen Professional Logbook back in 2000. Was a great logbook. Just filled it up so I purchased a second Jeppesen Prof. logbook. I am very disappointed with their current product. The older logbook had paper that was nice and smooth. It just looked and felt like it would last a lifetime. The new logbook paper is horrible. It is rough, almost to the point of feeling like cheap newspaper. They also changed the color to a darker, harder-to-read green. I will no longer be using the Jeppesen logbook. I do not believe the paper will stand the test of time.
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Changed for the worse!

  • By andrew from West Valley City UT USA on Monday, October 20, 2014
  • Pros: its still brown on the outside
  • Cons: doesn't match the previous product
  • Review: I bought a professional logbook in 2005 and it came with a customized name plate on the front cover. Now, I filled that logbook up, got online to order another one just like my previous one, found out that they no longer offer a customized name plate, or even a spot to put one, and the paper color is much darker than my old one. Thanks Jeppessen, for helping me have consistency in my professional pilot logbooks by keeping your products consistent! (I hope you can feel the sarcasm. )
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