Reviews for Logitech Saitek Pro X-56 HOTAS RGB Flight Controller

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Great stick, disappointing quality control.

  • By A Customer from Portage, IN on Tuesday, October 06, 2020
  • Pros: Buttons, looks, software is just okay.
  • Cons: Quality control, Logitech support is shady.
  • Review: Tons of buttons and it looks sharp as heck. The programmable software is fairly straight forward if a bit lacking compared to other sticks software.

    However for $250 it's a bit disappointing that the quality control issues are still present considering this is a second iteration, even third if you consider it an evolution of the X55 as well.

    The stick does have a bit of slop in the center which I had to cancel out by setting a small deadzone in the software, not a big deal really. Unfortunately the lower limit of the axes on the joystick do not match the range of motion of the physical movement of the stick. What I mean by that is when I move the stick to the left the X axis value reaches 0 while the stick has another inch of movement. Same goes for moving the stick up, but that one is only about a quarter inch of movement after the Y axis bottoms out.

    For the upper limits it works as expected. When I push the stick to the end of its range of motion it's just shy of the maximum axis value, then when I push a little harder on it it will max out.

    I will also add that Logitech, despite being a well known brand, have a very shady support reputation. I registered my stick, but it's not showing under my products on my profile. I entered a ticket, but still haven't received a reply a few days later.

    It's a nice stick, just be prepared for a possible RMA as the quality control is disappointing.
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Better than some worse than others.

  • By CatFish 911 from Ft. Hood, TX USA on Wednesday, April 27, 2022
  • Pros: 2 section Throttle Handel comes in handy for planes which have 1 engine for Prop Control or Mixture Control
  • Cons:
  • Review: I wish there was a few more switches on the throttle base so I could add things like Flaps, Gear, Speed Brake/air brake etc. there instead of having them on the Throttle side of the setup.
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