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Tough call between this one and the horizontal

  • By Mark on Tuesday, June 28, 2022
  • Pros: Perfect size for a few nights. Much easier to find a spot in the overheads. Really solid build quality. Excellent value.
  • Cons: Curved handle. A little smaller than the horizontal offering of similar size. Bottle pocket it too small in my opinion. Could use a side handle
  • Review: This one is very similar to the horizontal model. The big differences is that it's a hair smaller (100 cubic inches, which isn't much but could be a lunch or something). It's extension handle doesn't have a cover like the horizontal model. It is narrower, so it rolls down the isle more easily.

    I am a big fan of the Briggs and Riley bags I have, and this seem of comparable quality for a third the cost. Hard to figure out the country of manufacture but the company is US owned.

    I bought this bag to fit something specific, and it fits fine. I've mixed feelings about the handle mechanism, which takes up a bit of room in the bag. If you have a hard item, it may be a challenge to pack around it. Alternatively, the handle frames provide some protected nooks to put a few things. The only thing I think they should change is the curve in the handle. The curve costs 50-100 cu inches and doesn't serve any real purpose. It also makes it hard to slide smaller bags with retention straps over the handle. It should just be straight.

    Only other minor complaint is that it could use a side handle... but this is a quibble.

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Made it to the one yard line, but fails to score where it counts

  • By Rick from Fort Worth TX USA on Tuesday, March 28, 2023
  • Pros: perfect except for cons
  • Cons: Won’t hold a 17” laptop (16” wide laptop) and too big to fit under airplane seat.
  • Review: I literally LOVE this bag except it fails to perform the two most important functions I need for a business bag. It needs to hold my 17” laptop that is 16” wide, and it needs to fit under the airplane seat so must be smaller than 18x14x8.
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