Reviews for Trig TT22 Mode S ADS-B capable Transponder

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Good solution to a tough problem

  • By William from Wilton CA USA on Tuesday, March 12, 2019
  • Pros: Tiny, low power requirement, remotely controlled, capable of ADS-B compliance.
  • Cons: Mounting the control head is more difficult than it should be.
  • Review: The TT22 is an excellent solution for a small homebuilt airplane and that is exactly what I am installing it into, a Sonex Onex. I installed the transponder only but left room on the mounting tray and prewired the harness to allow future installation of a Trig TN70 or TN72 for ADS-B out compliance. One small disappointment. This unit will fit in a standard 2-1/4" instrument hole but requires different pattern for the mounting screws and leaves a gap above and below the control head. With some effort I produced a decorative escutcheon and painted it to mathch the panel. The transponder included a template to be used to drill the necessary holes but would it be so much to ask to include a CNC punched esceutcheon in the box with a $2,000 device?
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Good, but incompatible with Vertical Power

  • By Steve C from Puget Sound, WA on Wednesday, July 06, 2022
  • Pros: Remote control from EFIS
  • Cons: Incompatible with Vertical Power VP-X
  • Review: Just be aware that the TT22 is incompatible with the Vertical Power VP-X system. In my Highlander, the TT22 (from another vendor) has small fluctuations in current at higher RPM's that cause the VP-X to sense a short circuit and pop the electronic circuit breaker. After working with both Trig and Vertical Power support teams (both were very responsive and helpful) we concluded this is an unsolvable incompatibility. I've wired the TT22 directly to my battery contactor with a 3A inline fuse. It is working fine there. I really like being able to control this unit remotely from my EFIS.
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