MapStrap Leg Strap for Charts

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simple and effective knee holder

  • By A Customer from CA USA on Tuesday, December 19, 2017
  • Pros: simple, effective
  • Cons: max width is about 6 inches
  • Review: Works as advertised: a simple, minimalist knee strap to hold down your folded chart. Just a few nuances that I would have liked to know beforehand. The strap is a fixed length and may be a problem if you have big thighs. A creative velcro extension could alleviate that. The holder is also a fixed width: fits a folded chart or approach plate that is no wider than 6 inches; i.e. if you have a 8.5" chart it will not fit unless folded. This is not a problem with a chart since it is constantly folded and re-folded, but a larger 8.5x11" approach chart folded in half is not much use. The strap holds down the paper well in a open cockpit but is more troublesome in a sterile simulator. In the case of the latter, I like to use another knee strap that has a large clip which is easier to manage and can hold large paper sizes.
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