Reviews for Clarity Aloft Stereo Aviation PRO PLUS Headset (TSO-Certified)

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  • Verified Purchase

I like it, but way over-priced and case is too big.

  • By A Customer from Felton PA USA on Wednesday, February 21, 2018
  • Pros: Weight and comfort
  • Cons: Case size, price, no Bluetooth, warranty
  • Review: I went from a telex 850 to this.
    I like not having a headset rest on top of my head.
    I like that it's light.
    I don't like the lack of blue tooth.
    One reason I bought it, was that I wanted a smaller headset to carry around. Unfortunately the way it folds(or doesn't), makes for a large case.
    This product is a small metal frame, two wires with ear plugs, and a boom mike. It should not cost anywhere near what it costs. It probably costs about $20 to make. Add in a little value for being TSO'd and it should cost no more than $200. Also, at its price point is should have a lifetime warranty.
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  • Verified Purchase

Clarity Aloft Pro Plus... good, but not great.

  • By FurloughedAgain from Grapevine TX USA on Friday, January 18, 2019
  • Pros: Lightweight, great sound quality, great noise reduction, TSO
  • Cons: Fragile wires to speakers, ear tips may dislodge in ear canal.
  • Review: This is my second TSO Clarity Aloft and I had hoped they would improve the Pro Plus, but they didn’t. The weak point of these headsets is the thin wire that goes from the headband to the earbud. Over time, even if you are careful not to twist when inserting, they will short out. This is in start contrast to competitor Quiet Technologies whose Halo headset uses a 50 cent sound tube with the speaker actually in the headband. Much more robust design. Furthermore, it is possible for the ear tips to unscrew and become lodged in the ear canal. The comply tips don’t have a stem or anything to make them easy to extract when this happens.
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