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Works, if you are ready to get creative...

  • By David from San Luis Obispo CA USA on Tuesday, July 04, 2017
  • Review: My Flightcom Denail (blue plastic?it also came in bright yellow) was my first ANR headset, and is probably close to 20 years old, so it's now my #3 headset. The plastic-y gel ear pads were leaky and generally ineffective, but the headset itself still works fine, so I researched options to replace the ear seals. This was the only offering from FlightCom that sounded right for my situation. (I've replaced the ear seals on my David Clark headset and it was easy.)

    The feel of the "pleather" seals is very nice, but I had two main issues with this product. First, the little flange that looked like it should tuck around the hard plastic oval of the headset did not tuck at all.  It "stacked" which is to say it sat on top of the flat oval. OK so there must be an adhesive seal of some kind. Packed with the kit were two very thin sorta-sticky ovals which looked like they were the adhesive. Didn't work at all.  No good contact due to issue #1 above, and just way too wimpy.

    I ended up abandoning the adhesive ovals and just laid a good bead of clear silicone adhesive around the oval and clamped the new ear seals to the headset overnite. This worked just fine. The performance is fine. So if you are willing to do this, go ahead and buy. Just don't expect it to work out of the bag, unless your FlightCom headset is very different from mine.
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