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I don't even want to kep it

  • By A Customer from Scottsdale AZ USA on Sunday, September 22, 2013
  • Pros: Made of quality materials
  • Cons: Weight, Too Many pockets, too complicated, Rough Zipper surface when bags are separated,
  • Review: [This review was originally written for the Brightline B10 Bag. The B7 has replaced the B10 so this is informational only and may not apply to the B7.] I saw the video for the original Brightline Bags when they were first released. I was very impressed. I bought the Flex system cause thats all that is available. I wouldn't recommend it. If you separate the bags so you don't have as much weight to carry, you have a rough zipper material on one side. All the pockets are great, but there are way too many. They could stop at about half of them and it would be workable. Have a Zulu headset? It isn't really setup for you if you have two of them. If you one or two Bose headsets it would probably work as they fold up smaller, but a Zulu and a second headset like a Zulu doesn't fit very well. Did I mention that the bag is really heavy? Yep, all those pockets, zippers handles and snaps make it way too heavy.
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