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beware - CFIT

  • By A Customer from Missoula Montana on Wednesday, November 10, 2010
  • Pros: heck, it launched and did what I expected
  • Cons: explaination to answers can be TOTALLY incorrect... in short I can't trust this product.
  • Review: "Beware of Controlled Flight Into Terrain" should be the title of this product. Almost all the answers to the questions are correctly answered, but some of the answer discussions/explanations are TOTALLY wrong. I performed an update hoping that something miraculous would happen, but there were no updates. I don't feel I can trust the folks who created this product to have asked a suitable question, researched the correct answer or understand the processes to come to a correct answer. I chose "Gleim Commercial Pilot Test Prep Software - CD-ROM" because of all the complains folks had with the other test preparation materials. I called Gleim to find out why enormous errors existed in their software, and was told, in short, that the software is not guaranteed to be correct... Wow, I hope we as pilots have a little more integrity than Gleim. I'm throwing it in the trash and using the internet to study -throwing a few bones toward those internet sites that are helpful!! If you decide to make this purchase, please be careful.
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