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more altitude=less suction

  • By Scott from Southern Oregon on Thursday, October 05, 2017
  • Pros: Well made, great cradle for iPad mini. Will keep using RAM yoke mount.
  • Cons: suction cup fails on every flight.
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    IFR organization has been a tough nut to crack for me, especially because I don't like kneeboards. I have the seat on the 172 cranked high, and a kneeboard interferes. In addition, I don't want to look downwards in IMC, especially on an approach. Thus far I've had my mini clipboard mounted to the yoke, and the iPad mini mounted by suction cup to the window. The problem is, not a flight goes by without it falling off at altitude. It's just physics: the less pressure outside, the more equal the pressure with the suction you create at low altitude. My instructor always has to take the plane so I can deal with it. Once, the iPad's power cord, which was plugged into the cigarette lighter (oh, the 70's...) snagged the avionics power switch on the way down with the mount, shutting off everything in IMC.

    I've tried keeping the window and suction cup clean, trying alcohol pads and water, but to no avail. I'm going to have to find a way to use both iPad and clipboard right on the yoke. Even one fail in flight with single pilot could be a disaster.

    It could be my local flying conditions in the mountains, which force us to fly at 7-8,000 in VFR and 10-12,000 IFR. Maybe it would work better in a pressurized plane, or regular flights at a lower altitude.

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  • Verified Purchase

  • By Chuck from Ukiah CA USA on Monday, July 01, 2013
  • Review: Agile but bulky. Suction is good (we'll know more with >100 deg in my CA area).

    A bit too much work to adjust/readjust iPad position; should have a ball connection right to carriage instead of unscrewing/repositioning iPad.

    Tried RAM yoke mount 1st; limited control movement - window on R, mixture on L (C172N). (Still looking at Allan Ramsey's yoke mount product.)
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