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  • Verified Purchase

  • By on Thursday, July 20, 2017
  • Review: I had a bit of trouble setting it up, but once its set up its really worth it. NOTE: This will not work with anything other than FSX, Xplane, and Prepar3d.
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  • Verified Purchase

I had to replace this item

  • By A Customer from Midlothian VA USA on Thursday, June 04, 2015
  • Pros: Easy setup, works well with other Saitek equip, works well with FSX
  • Cons: Selector switch froze up (got stuck), occasionally requires USB unplug/replug to be recognized.
  • Review: Setup is relatively easy compared to other addons to FSX / xplane. The selector switch on the first one i purchased froze up and become so hard to turn I had to use plyers. I replaced the entire unit. The new selector switch is a bit stiff and I am hoping will not also freeze up. The rest is as advertised. Occasionally this and other saitek items are not recognized and require USB unplug and replug. Overall an inexpensive and simple way to add some knobs and functionality to FSX.
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Pretty good, but could use some tweeks.

  • By Scott Hanna from Hayesville NR on Saturday, December 21, 2013
  • Pros: I like not having to use the mouse and having everything at my fingertips, no matter what kind of plane i'm flying.
  • Cons: The knob that sets the course and heading, altitude etc requires to much turning to get where i need to go.
  • Review: I like the way things work for the most part, but my biggest grip is how many turns it takes to set the course and heading. It seems like i'm turning way to much. There should be a way to change it from having to twist the know 3 times for 10deg...I know there are times when you want to slow it down to fine tune it, but when your needing to turn a couple of hundred degrees, you want it to go fast. I find myself having to go back to the simulator instruments to get things moving faster.
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