Reviews for CH Products Eclipse Flight Sim Yoke (200-616)

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Inferior Clamping system / No documentation/ instructions

  • By A Customer from USA on Monday, February 09, 2009
  • Pros: no pros really
  • Cons: Clamps dont hold
  • Review: Poorly documentated! Clamps do not secure to my desktop sufficiently to hold. I was told by CH tech. "Steve" not to tighten to much as it would strip the threads. The unit ended up in my lap several times while attempting to pull up on approach, thus a "crash". CH Tech. said I could purchase clamp extentions that might help. More "bells and whistles" but not the yoke for me. I'm returning it and will see if Saitek is any better.
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very poor product

  • By Andrew from Statesville NC USA on Tuesday, March 31, 2009
  • Pros: With some work this could be a good system
  • Cons: as noted above.
  • Review: 1. After many trials, using years of experience with earlier CH Yokes, I am not able to calibrate the throttle to realistic operation. Advancing the throttle from idle results in no change in Manifold Pressure until, at half throttle the engine increases to full power and remains there, regardless of the throttle setting within the upper half of its travel. The result of this is only two engine speeds available, idle and maximum. 2. The propeller and mixture controls have no discernible function. They show on the calibration screen but their actions do not seem to be present in the aircraft. 3. When flying, the aircraft sometimes takes a sudden, unpredictable, mostly left, sharp nosedown spiral, requiring full opposite control to recover. This is certainly an abnormal feature.
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