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Page format obviously not designed by a pilot!

  • By joel A. Turpin from hampton NJ USA on Wednesday, December 03, 2008
  • Pros: None!
  • Cons: The Standard Pilot Master Log ASA-SP-6 cannot be used by professional pilots.
  • Review: 20 years ago I bought 2 Model SP-6 The Standard Pilot Master Logs. I have been very happy with them as they were well designed and very user friendly. However, I am filling in the last page of the second log book and recently ordered 2 new Pilot Master Logs from you. The only one you offer for the professional pilot is the ASA-SP6 [editor note:  we also offer the Jeppesen Professional Logbook]. This log book cannot be used by any pilot with 1,000 hours or more. Real professional pilots will easily have this much flight time, and in my case, my flight hours are in the 24,000 hour range. The problem is that the idiot who designed the page format has never filled out a log book or flown an airplane. Here is how I know. Just as one example, look at the column for PIC. If a pilot has PIC time requiring space for more than 3 numbers, it will not fit into the space at the bottom of the page, which should represent total PIC time to date. I have 17,152:28 hours of PIC time. How am I supposed to cram a 9 digit (including comma and colon) number in a space that is exactly 1/2 inch wide? How about a pilot with only 1,246:31 hours? Even with this small amount of PIC time, IT WON'T FIT INTO A SPACE THAT IS 1/2 INCH WIDE! The same problem holds true for the columns for Instructor time, actual instrument time,night time and a few others. If you have 100 hours or less, your total times for each type of flying will fit in the spaces at the bottom of the page, but pilots with so little time will be using the smaller log book, the ASA-SP-30. Now lets look at the tiny space left for "Remarks, Procedures, Maneuvers, Endorsements". I am Flight Instructor and give instrument dual instruction. On my last instrument training flight, we did 4 ILS Approaches,4 missed approaches, 2 VOR approaches, and 2 holding patterns. How do I cram all of that plus the pilot's name who I trained into the miniscule space allowed for remarks? What if my student had this log book? The FAA requires that I write all of the above maneuvers plus my name, my CFII number which is 7 digits long plus the date my CFII expires which is 9 digits (includes 2 slashes)? There is not enough room for half of this information! Look at the space provived for "Number of Instrument Approaches". It is also exactly 1/2 inch wide. There is way too much space here as you would never have more than a double digit number per day and at the bottom of the page is enough room for a number in the 1,000 range, which is way too much. No one would need this much room here. Then there is a column for "PIC Name". This is wasted space as the PIC name usually goes in the remarks section. The bottom line is this log book was poorly designed and is not user friendly for any pilot with more than 1,000 hours in any category. It is typical of how products are made today. The person who designed it NEVER USED IT! I am returning the two log books I purchased from you and expect a full refund.
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Don't Like it

  • By Stephen from Cordova TN USA on Friday, January 09, 2015
  • Pros: Big
  • Cons: Not the old layout " the new layout isn't pilot friendly"
  • Review: When I ordered this product they had the old version layout as the picture but they have changed the layout to not be like the old one and I just don't like it. had the company I bought this logbook from had the new picture I wouldn't have bought this logbook.
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