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  • By A Customer on Monday, April 25, 2011
  • Pros: Explains very well how to talk on the radio.
  • Cons: Several pages unreadable due to printing errors. I've seen the authors attitude before in instructors and examiners who have an ego and I don't like to see it as a flight instructor. You can tell someone how to do something correctly in a polite manner or you can be demeaning and egotistic before telling someone how to do something correctly. The latter is a poor way of teaching in my opinion and seems to be where the authors comes from in this book.
  • Review: An all right source to review all radio communication skills in uncontrolled and controlled environments. The authors tone is a bit condescending to the reader with regards to his experience and use of citing air traffic controllers to basically say, see, you pilots out there are fools for talking in this way. I would rather like to see a more positive attitude to show how things should be said correctly rather then hearing from ATC controllers about how pilots suck in life when it comes to radio communications. Everyone can tell you how its done wrong tell me how its done right! Once the author finally gets past his own ego trip by citing his attitudes through interviews with air traffic controllers about how the general aviation community cant talk and he finally gets to the correct way to talk on the radios using specific examples from different airports and scenario based training, his book serves as a great way to brush up on radio skills or to learn to talk on the radio CORRECTLY the first time around as a new student. Additionally numerous pages are photocopied and so granny that they are unreadable. This is not acceptable for the price of the book showing it was just rushed to publication rather then thoroughly reviewed prior to release.
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