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Reviews for AP Elite Pilot Shirt - Long Sleeve

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don't believe the hype... this shirt is terrible.

  • By capt.morgan from portland, OR on Thursday, February 28, 2013
  • Pros: nice bright white, sleeve length
  • Cons: everything else are blatant lies
  • Review: these shirts are absolute garbage. I bought 2 of these and got them in the mail today and already hate them. great claims are made about the "dress shirt quality" and "easy care" of these shirts that are just blatant lies. the sizing of these shirts runs quite large. the neck size and chest measurements were too large, I am 6'1 220 and felt like i was wearing a sail. the sleeve length's were good. I tried to wash and dry them to shrink them some so they would fit better, the only thing I found out from that was that the claims made about being "easy care" are lies. had to spend almost 30 minutes ironing all the wrinkles out of only 2 shirts. the collars are less than amazing as well. while collar stays are sewed into the collars, they are far too soft and short to keep the collars down. long story short, not only would I not buy these again (might even buy different ones after a few times worn) but I would not recommend them to anyone else. if you are on the fence about these, thinking the shirts can't be as bad as the reviews sound (which is what I thought) save your money. buy something else.
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Not worth it

  • By Tim on Saturday, January 26, 2013
  • Pros: Neck size was right. Nice collar
  • Cons: Didn't fit right. Sleeves too short. Tight across the shoulders. Poor fabric.
  • Review: I had high hopes for this shirt after reading some reviews. Maybe they changed how they are made. I've been a Van Heusen Commander wearer for years. This shirt is twice the price and half the quality. After one, two day, trip this thing is going straight to the trash.  I'll compare it to a $20 Commander. The neck size was good, too tight across the shoulders (no center pleat), sleeves are too short, and the fabric is too thin to hold a press.
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Too tight

  • By Stephen from Alexandria VA USA on Tuesday, February 24, 2015
  • Pros: material
  • Cons: too tight, do no fit properly for the size
  • Review: Nice material, but much too tight in the body. For a shirt this expensive, the manufacturer should not skimp on material.
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