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not flashy but well organized and focused

  • By MRC01 from WA State on Monday, August 20, 2007
  • Review: Gleim ground school includes detailed outlines that eventually filled a 3-4" thick binder when I printed them out. They are offered in HTML and PDF format. This alone was worth the price of the course to me. The info is well organized and focused on the FAA test. The course is broken up into sections. You can leave and return at any time even in the middle of unit tests. Gleim's web servers were always up and responsive whenever I logged in - no problems with downtime. Gleim responded to my occasional questions promptly and accurately.

    It doesn't have the fancy videos and glossy photos and artwork that some courses have. I found this a welcome relief - the last thing I want is Barbie & Ken teaching me how to fly.

    At the end of the school it provides a certificate that enables you to take the FAA test.
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