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It's OK, But Not The Best

  • By Tony from Irmo SC USA on Tuesday, April 26, 2011
  • Pros: Does the job.
  • Cons: Not as user friendly as some of the others.
  • Review: Let me start by saying that the course isn't bad. It teaches the test and that is what it is designed to do. There are no "how to" videos or anything. There is a quick video overview of the unit that you are working on, and study guides that you read and then take practice tests. So, if you can read something and remember it then this is a good way to study for the written test. A couple of things I didn't like is once you have taken a test on a subject, you can't go back and take another test on the same subject. You have to wait until you get to the end of the unit and take a unit test. You can review the test you took, but not take a different test on the same subject. A few videos here and there would be nice. I have an older King course and that is probably the best route to take if you like video instruction. I did purchase ASA Prepware, and it's pretty much the same as Gleim, but you can take a test on any subject at any time and you can take timed practice exams just like a FAA test anytime you want.I found the reading portion to be more informative and easier to follow, and it's cheaper and you can download it to your computer, so you don't have to have an internet connection to study. Bottom line, if you want video instruction, go with King. If you want to cram for the test and don't care about the videos, go with Gleim or ASA.
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