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Suprisingly.... does not work with Bose Aviation X

  • By Todd from Charlotte, NC on Thursday, April 17, 2008
  • Pros: Works Well Except With Bose Aviation X
  • Cons: Loose Connection with Bose Aviation X Transmit Jack
  • Review: Purchased because of ASA name and "deluxe" label with gold contacts. Been using for several weeks testing it in different situations with different headsets. I just traded it today for another pilot's budget version push-to-talk. The ASA PTT is slightly too lose with the Bose Aviation X, my primary headset. It had poor contact as a result and nobody could hear me transmit. For the record, my X works great and has snug contacts with both pilot and co-pilot side normal jacks in my airplane. My instructors Lightspeed headset worked great with the ASA PTT. I traded him for an older - plain vanilla portable PTT - and my Bose Aviation X - works great and transmits great, even while shaking the plain vanilla (non-ASA) PTT. In conclusion, only use this ASA with average headsets, not the Bose Aviation X.
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