Reviews for David Clark H10-56HXL Headset (for helicopters)

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Best overall noise attenuation, but thats about it.

  • By A Customer from Linden, NJ on Saturday, March 27, 2010
  • Pros: Excellent total noise reduction.
  • Cons: Uncomfortable, heavy, inferior sound quality, akward in the cockpit, poorly designed battery case that always gets in the way, poor battery life.
  • Review: I would recommend this headset to someone that flies a very noisy helicopter such as a Robinson or Schweizer and often with doors off. That's because this headset has great total noise reduction, beating the Bose and Zulu in this aspect. By "total" I mean combined passive and active noise reduction, Bose and Lightspeed both have excellent active noise cancellation but poor passive. However for anyone else I would definitely recommend the Zulu or Bose over this. Reasons being they are much more comfortable, have way better sound quality, are much less akward and easier to stow away, their batteries last much longer, and the Zulu allows you to connect your phone or music device via mp3 or cable which I think is great. I own the H10-56hxl and have been using it for the last 3 years but am tired of the discomfort and poor sound quality now and will soon purchase either a Zulu or a Sennheiser. I have used the Bose and Zulu headsets multiple times and like both of them and find them very even as far as comfort, noise attenuation, and sound quality but I prefer the Zulu since it is cheaper and has the phone/mp3 connection.
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