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Poorly made book. What happened to the hard cover that last?

  • By A Customer from Crockett TX USA on Tuesday, November 04, 2014
  • Pros: Information good.
  • Cons: Cheap made book. Don't buy it. There are other companies that offer the same information. Buy Gleim. Their books are cheap, but with a cheap book price, and it will teach you the same thing Jeppesen will.
  • Review: The information in the book is great. The problem is the cheap paper back cover that replaced the hard back cover. I have picked the book up five times at the most, and the cover is already about to fall apart from the pages inside the book. What happened to the hard cover? With a cost as much as this book cost, it should be a quality product. I own the Jeppesen Instrumental/Commercial book that has a hard back cover, and it is very durable. This shows me that Jeppesen is a cheap product company. Don't buy this book unless you want to keep the pages in a bag or box. The cover does not hold together. Poor product.
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