Reviews for RAM EZ-Roll'r Cradle for Apple iPad Mini 6

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Very tight fit

  • By on Thursday, April 21, 2022
  • Pros: Fits perfectly and holds the iPad solidly, can install the iPad with one hand
  • Cons: Roller latch may be an issue over time if you have a glass screen protector.
  • Review: The mount fits the iPad mini 6 perfectly which is both a strength and a weakness. The iPad is rock solid in the mount and the top roller makes it fairly easy to snap into the mount. The downside is that it is the roller that holds the iPad in place and if you have a glass screen protector the roller presses down on the edge of the screen protector and my concern is that over time the screen protector edge will crack or break. It also will only work with the bare iPad and no case so if you want a case, you need one that is easy to remove. I bought a case that magnetically attaches to the iPad and is easy to remove and store in the plane so it works out OK for me.
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