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Very informative and concise

  • By ATP SEA from Seattle WA USA on Friday, January 31, 2014
  • Pros: Compact, well structured, usefull
  • Cons: expensive
  • Review: Most of the information appears to be common sense, but the sheer quantity and variety of factors covered in an organized and well structured approach in this book make it an invaluable asset. A non professional would never think of covering all the bases and angles of all the details as well as it is done here.
    The examples and exercises help avoiding a variety of common and easy pitfalls and put the interviewee in a good starting position before walking in the door.
    The book won't get you a job, you still have to do the work yourself, but it will guide you to do the right work and give you an edge you would never be able to achieve all on your own.
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