Reviews for Telex Airman 8+ ANR Pro Pilot Headset - Dual Plugs

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The best Telex headset I’ve ever used!

  • By DaveB, B757/767 from CD’A, Idaho on Wednesday, February 17, 2021
  • Pros: Top grade professional ANR, extremely comfortable, superlative microphone, TSO’d
  • Cons: None. If TLX wanted to add another 12 inches to the dual plug cord length it would be nice but it’s certainly not a game changer at all
  • Review: I have used numerous headsets in my career in the 767, from Bose (too bulky), Clarity Aloft (too fragile), UFQ (earpiece wires far too long, always got caught in the shoulder straps) and nearly every version of the Telex. The ship set is a Telex 750 that works fine, but the freighter 767 I fly is loud and noise cancelling is a must.

    I made the mistake of letting my copilot borrow my Telex Airman 8 ANR. He was so impressed that he bought it from me on the spot! I regretted selling it but had other options. None of them as good however, and after a few unsatisfactory experiments I ended up with this newest Airman 8 Pro. I am absolutely blown away by the quality of the headset, and they massively improved noise canceling. This is just an ABSOLUTELY EXCELLENT headset on every level. I can hear transoceanic HF radios like never before, and I can wear the headset for 6+ hours and I hardly know it’s there. The noise canceling is absolutely as good as any ANR I have ever used, and in fact better because it is so much more comfortable.
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