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Great for eyeglass wearers

  • By ronald from Hummelstown PA USA on Sunday, September 27, 2020
  • Pros: light, don't interfere with eyeglasses
  • Cons: You have to get used to something being directly in your ears
  • Review: I decided to try them because my eyeglasses interfered with the noise cancelling of my Bose headset. They are much more comfortable than I expected. After they are in for a few minutes, you cannot even feel them
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  • By A Customer from Los Angeles CA USA on Friday, April 30, 2021
  • Pros: Light weight and a quality build.
  • Cons: Takes a few flights to get used to.
  • Review: Was contemplating between the PF2 and the A20 and went with the PF2. After using it for 3 months, I can say I do not regret my decision. It’s a quality device made by Bose yet again. The earphones take some getting used to at first, but now it’s super easy to put in. The light weight of the PF2 makes it comfortable to wear for hours at a time. I turned off the tap feature because it’s easy to take an ear bud out and put it back in. I’m on the 737 and I recommend it!
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Unbeatable Performance & Comfort

  • By A Customer on Thursday, November 07, 2019
  • Cons: None at all
  • Review: I have had a chance to try out the Bose Proflight Series 2 over 100 hours of line flying. I am currently flying the Embraer 175 and we get a good mix of various flight regimes during low level and high level flight with the regional flying we do. I may also add that I had the chance to try the initial first generation of the Bose Proflight as well. I must say, Bose has hit the ball out of the park with this Series 2 headset. It is simply perhaps the best high-performance headset I have used in 11 years of flying. The improvements that have been made are apparent and noticeable.

    The stability of the headset on the head is fantastic and you can barely feel the headband due it being so light. The longest flight I had a chance to test it on was 3.8 hours block, and after continuous wearing I had no noticeable hotspots or pressure points. As far as the earbuds go the ANR is fantastic; I don’t know how they did it but the amount of noise reduction is impeccable. I also like the fact that it has various modes of ANR that can be tailored to specific operations, as the ANR reduction targets different noise spectrums that vary from aircraft to aircraft. This feature is very useful if one desires to use the headset in more than one aircraft. The tap through feature now works flawlessly. The original Proflight had a tendency for the tap through to activate on TO or landing, however that issue has been fixed with the Series 2 version. It works so conveniently that I now have both earbuds in on pushback, activate the ANR, and tap one ear bud to hear the surroundings until tapping it back into ANR after engine start. A very well thought-out and amazing feature that I now have come to immensely enjoy having. Now onto the chord, it is AMAZING. Bose have gone ahead and completely redone the chord to be extremely mobile and easy to manipulate. Is so thin and light that clipping it and getting it out of the way in the flight deck has become a complete non-issue. The chord is simply now just right. The Bluetooth on the module has been the easiest pairing with the phone I have had with any headset. It is so fast that it pairs within 1 second of flipping the switch on the control module, and away I am making crystal clear calls and/or playing music. The audio quality is outstanding and the module has a switch to control the phone or volume music level. The headset case is super convenient and super easy to get the headset into. Simply putting the headset into the case and wrapping the chord around neatly takes me 5 seconds tops and into the flight bag it goes. I must say the case is super nice and has a convenient pouch for spare batteries and tips.

    All in all, this might be the last headset I buy for quite a while, or at least for the next 10+ years. Hands down I recommend for you to try it and/or purchase. I certainly won’t ever be going back to wearing a regular on-ear headset again. Bose has listened to pilot' s needs and what they want in high performance flight decks; the Proflight Series 2 headset is the proof of that effort.
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Love it!

  • By Gary Lewin from Scottsdale AZ USA on Friday, September 25, 2020
  • Pros: Bose quality. Great sound. Comfortable. Light weight. Because they don’t cover the ears, sunglasses fit better and slip on and off easy.
  • Cons: It takes a few extra seconds (yes just seconds) to get the ear buds in place. Not just a slip on like the A20’s or other “headphone” style headsets.
  • Review:
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Great Headset

  • By A Customer from Rocklin CA USA on Monday, January 20, 2020
  • Pros:
  • Cons: Have to carry another case with my bags.
  • Review: I never thought I would ever spend so much for a headset. It is absolutely worth every dollar. One gets to customize the different attributes of this headset making it perfect.
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Best headset I’ve had so far!

  • By A Customer from Vancouver WA USA on Wednesday, July 08, 2020
  • Pros: Light weight, easy to use, noise cancellation and blue tooth features are great!
  • Cons: No cons as of yet.
  • Review:
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Well worth the money

  • By Lancelot from Patrick AFB FL USA on Monday, December 16, 2019
  • Pros: Light weight. Cool. Cuts all the cockpit noise. Having access to your phone is perfect.
  • Cons: I have been flying with a wireless headset, the wires are always there.
  • Review: It is light weight. No hot ear muffs. Easy to carry and store. The ANR is perfect for the King Air 350 I fly. The ear buds put the radio and intercom right where it belongs in your ears. The only thing that would make it better is to be wireless ear buds. Blue tooth connection completes the package.
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Hands down the best headset I’ve used !

  • By Wayne from Lighthouse Point FL USA on Wednesday, October 30, 2019
  • Pros: Lightweight, clear communication, well built , and ergonomically designed for long flights.
  • Cons: None.
  • Review: More than met my expectations! Extremely lightweight and comfortable. I opted for custom earpieces from AverySound. I traded in my A20 headset and am happy I did. I fly an Airbus for a major airline, and it’s comfortable to wear even for 5-6 hours! Comes with a hard carrying case.
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This headset is extremely lightweight and comfortable!

  • By Jamie from Greeneville, TN on Thursday, December 05, 2019
  • Pros: Light weight, noise cancellation is superb, small and easy to store, Bluetooth is great.
  • Cons: The seem to use batteries more frequent than advertised.
  • Review: I’ve heard a lot of mixed reviews about this headset and I really had a hard time deciding between this set and the Bose A20s. I decided to pull the trigger on these and I’m so glad I did. I have no regrets with how these preform. The noise cancellation is outstanding, they are lightweight, I love how they are in ear buds rather than over the ear leaving the rings around your ears from the compression of the headsets. I fly a beechjet and these are perfect for our every day operations.
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  • By KW-Gulfstream from North Carolina on Wednesday, October 30, 2019
  • Pros: Light, compact, Bluetooth, legendary BOSE audio.
  • Cons: It’s expensive, (but worth every penny).
  • Review: This headset is beyond my expectations. The in-ear portion of the headset includes 3 sizes of very comfortable ‘in-ear’ pieces enabling the best semi-custom fit I’ve ever experienced. Noise cancelling feature is excellent—best sound, most comfortable headset I’ve ever owned. MyPilotStore delivered. The BOSE website is back ordered—
    got it to me within a week. Excellent service.
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Lightweight and comfortable.

  • By Jason from Louisville KY USA on Friday, October 11, 2019
  • Pros: Lightweight and comfy. Can put on the O2 with no adjustment.
  • Cons: Somewhat awkward to put back in the case.
  • Review: Excited to have this NC headset. Works great in my large jet. I use the max noise cancelling and leave it fully on and talk to the pilot pilot fine. The Bluetooth works great too!
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  • By Basim from Manassas VA USA on Monday, November 04, 2019
  • Review: The headset so comfortable and the sound excellent.  No more problems with the heavy duty cord and MyPilotStore makes my purchase so easy and quick.  The customer service experience is wonderful, thanks.
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