Reviews for Bose ProFlight Series 2 Aviation Headset

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  • By on Saturday, January 04, 2020
  • Review: It is comfortable to wear and carry it on your head however it is not comfortable to use it for a long time due to in-ear system. No matter how soft and how light it is, it starts to create pressure in the ear and it is quite uncomfortable.
    Bose should have come up with a better on the ear headset solution.
    After using only one leg on my flight, I decided to sell it to someone who thinks in ear is not a problem.
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Great idea. Worst ear pieces ever on any headset.

  • By A Customer from Phoenix, AZ on Monday, August 02, 2021
  • Pros: Light weight. Small package
  • Cons: Uncomfortable ear buds. Delicate.
  • Review: Pros: Light weight barely there feeling. Packs smaller in flight bag.
    Cons: A lot delicate then regular headsets. Ears pieces that are either too small or too large. Silicon ear buds should not be so hard and inflexible! They either are too small and fall out of your ears, or too large and don't fit unless you jam them in. The issues is that they are the most inflexible ear buds I have ever experienced. My Airpod, in a side by side test, has better noise canceling because they stay in and conform to the ear canals. My Airpods are also more comfortable even for a 5 hour flight. In comparison, I have to keep taking the Bose Proflight out to even tolerate a 1 to 2 hours flight due to pain and discomfort. Very disappointed in such an important ergonomic design flaw.
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