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compared to other dc headsets

  • By chuck from mead, wa. on Thursday, August 08, 2013
  • Pros: light weight,comfortable,good looking,fairly quiet
  • Cons: not much better if any than the H10's
  • Review: [This review was written for the first generation Pro-X headset] I just received these yesterday, I went for a scenic flight to test them, at first out of the box I noticed they were very light weight and comfortable. I then tried them with the ANR at my office with a rather loud and obnoxious air conditioner and was quit surprised by how well they took out the background noise.  I was impressed, then we went flying and when starting the airplane I was once again impressed by the way the noise was reduced by using the ANR feature it was like night and day.   But once in the air I tried my other david clarks H-10 I think, and compared back and forth several times, and found that the real noise difference between them was very close and maybe the H10 a little bit better so I did this back and forth a few times and came to the conclusion that the H10's covered my ears better and kept out the noise.  The Pro-X doesn't cover the ear as well and the ANR function cancels the noise that gets by the ear piece and makes them about equal.  So in my humble opinion all I gained was a lighter more comfortable and better looking headset for the $350.00 difference.  All and all they are a fine headset with David Clark quality and if you are not trying to save money then try them.  Otherwise the old ones are just fine.   Also you should know that I am flying a rather loud Cessna 172 180 h.p. with power-flo exhaust, probably these would be fine in a quieter environment.
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Had my hopes set too high

  • By A Customer from VA USA on Thursday, September 26, 2013
  • Pros: Less weight, good engine noise reduction/works well in prop aircraft, less to no pressure on sunglasses,
  • Cons: **still uncomfortable after long flights**, passive reduction is minimal,
  • Review: [This review was written for the first generation Pro-X headset]

    I have been flying around with a passive headset for years and finally made the jump to the ANR headset world. I am currently flying Learjets and was leaning towards an over the ear model and stumbled across this headset days after it came out. The only review available was done in conjunction with AOPA magazine. I watched their video and was impressed. However, after using the headset for two months I feel like maybe I should have gone for the Lightspeed or Bose headsets I originally had my eyes on.

    I used the headset in a King Air C90 first. It worked well in that platform and after swapping with the Co-pilot seemed to block out as much noise as the Lightspeed Zulus. However, I have not enjoyed my experience with them as much in the jets. Our jets don't have much insulation and tend to be a bit noisier than average and I feel like I am having to turn the volume up due to wind noise in the background. I have also used the headset in a twin engine piston and found the noise reduction levels to be good. but overall the exterior noise level seemed a bit high.

    In addition, I tested the music feature using Bluetooth and while the setup was easy I found that the fade in after the auto cutoff for comms is a little long but acceptable. Otherwise works great on droning level flights.

    As for comfort, I find that my ear starts to hurt after about 3 hours of flight time and I end up constantly readjusting the headset. I have tried multiple configurations but I have yet to find a sweet spot. Still hopeful in this regard but I think the clamping pressure is just a bit too much with little reward in passive noise reduction. However, I would say that the discomfort is less that the average over the ear headset especially when wearing sunglasses.

    David clark emphasized passive noise reduction in their informational video but I found it to be minimal.

    Battery life seems good. I have changed them once in two months and fly about 50 hours a month. The yellow and red lights can be hard to notice but are good indicators of low batteries.

    Overall, I would say not a bad headset but just wasn't quite what I was looking for overall. I was on the fence about giving the headset a 4 but the discomfort on my ears for an over the ear headset is really significant to me.

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Great headset if aircraft is fairly quiet.

  • By Jeff from Benton Harbor MI USA on Wednesday, June 24, 2015
  • Pros: Comfortable
  • Cons: Minimal noise cancellation
  • Review: [This review was written for the first generation Pro-X headset] Very comfortable, however ear cups do not seal very well because of the light weight of the set. If flying a relatively quiet aircraft they are great, but most aircraft the around the ear type headsets would be significantly more quiet.
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