Reviews for ReliefBand Premier for Motion Sickness Protection

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It Works!! Highly recommend

  • By Cindy from Sherwood AR USA on Wednesday, July 11, 2018
  • Pros: Easy to use and it works. One charge lasts all day.
  • Cons: Doesn't fit as well on small wrists.
  • Review: I have an inner ear genetic defect. I can get motion sick walking in the grocery store. I bought Reliefband for a vacation in the Smoky Mountains. Not only did I not get sick driving through curvy roads but I was even able to text while riding a bus. I put it to a real test by riding a mountain coaster. Very fast and curvy. I got a little dizzy and had to sit down afterwards, but did not get sick. It is a miracle. The only problem I have is that I have small wrists and it sometimes will not stay in the right place. And I wish it had a clock. I have recommended it to several people already.
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  • Verified Purchase

Really works !!!

  • By Steve C from Trinity FL USA on Thursday, May 18, 2023
  • Pros: Relieves nausea and motion sickness during many different activities.
  • Cons: Takes a little while to find your “comfort zone” setting. I keep it around level 5 where I feel a slight tingle at the end of my fingertips in a pulsing type manner. You may have to adjust it up or down during a flight, ride etc. but it is very easy to work with. I also have to adjust the wrist band on the Premiere model as it tends to loosen up occasionally while you wear it.
  • Review: I originally purchased this product to use on a 7 day cruise because I have had sea sickness in the past on various boats and ships. I could not believe how effective this was. No nausea whatsoever. I also started using it on planes and have had excellent results even through some pretty strong turbulence. I have also tried wearing it home in a car/uber after being picked up at the airport and I could read texts and articles on my phone while the car was moving with no motion sickness at all. It has truly been a Godsend and I will not travel without it.
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