Aerocoast Pro EFB + Cooler II Bag

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Bag it self is absolutely fine but one pin in shoulder hanging strap was broken . I replaced it with an other strap

  • By MUHAMMAD from Alexandria VA USA on Tuesday, April 24, 2018
  • Pros: Insted of plastic use metal to hold shoulder strap
  • Cons: Over all is the best
  • Review: Shoulder Hangaing strap one side the plastic pin half as broken and some one put stowed it back . ... bag it self is great . It's five star product of there is metal thing to hold shoulder strap instead of plastic. Mine was broken from inside . I replace it with metal one
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  • By Andrew from Vancouver, Wa on Wednesday, August 25, 2021
  • Pros: Size. Adequate cooler area.
  • Cons: Non-expanding side pockets. No place for standard headset. Insufficient laptop protection/unprotected corners.. this is a cooler, hardly a flight bag.
  • Review: The concept is there but the execution is just not there. Does not accommodate most headsets - Bose A20 is really forced into it's top pocket, can't imagine any other conventional headset working here. About the only thing that would fit is the clarity/halo/any ultra compact in ear type headset, so if you're like most, plan to have another bag to actually carry your headset. The cooler section is nice. Decent space, tho smashed into if you use the side or top pocket for anything other than pens/papers as they are flat, non expanding side pockets and the to just pushed into the cooler compartment.

    The biggest gripe here is potentially an expensive one - the laptop/efb sleeve on the back, it's not a truly padded and protected compartment. Exact same construction as another bag I've used that *did* result in a physically busted laptop. There's paint on the flat sections but all four corners are unprotected, single layer of nylon. Passing does not go into the stitching and the corners are not reinforced, leaving the corners of laptop exposed to impact. This is supposedly designed for flight crews while they seem to forget that crew bags take some significant abuse. This would probably be great for someone in corporate or private flying, not so much in an airline environment.
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  • Verified Purchase

  • By Jo from Bigfork MT USA on Monday, April 04, 2022
  • Pros: Storage capacity
  • Cons: Too heavy!
  • Review: I love the space, I can pack 3 -4 days of food
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