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  • By Mike from Harrison NY USA on Thursday, March 23, 2017
  • Pros: Overall size, carry options.
  • Cons: Internal pockets, too small front pocket, bottom protection
  • Review: It's the size and form factor that I was looking for, but the functionality could use some improvement.

    The hard shell eyeglass holder on the top is a neat idea but I would rather have had some vertical slots inside for the hard shell cases that I already have for my glasses. The provided case only fits one pair of glasses in a hard case and sort of fits another pair in a soft case. What it really does is block access to the large rear compartment from the top of the bag - hence the unique side zipper opening. I wasn't sure why that side opening was there until I started using the bag. The combination of the large laptop pocket and the eyeglass case limits the access into the central storage area with just the top unzipped.

    The internal pockets are all mesh and mostly horizontally oriented. It could use some pen or flashlight sized vertical slots (there are none). It could also use an inside zippered pocket for a passport and or other valuables.

    The front small pocket kind of just gets in the way. I don't know why they didn't just make this pocket span the entire front and include the aforementioned slots. I would also ditch the water bottle pocket on the front. For that I would rather it be an expandable pocket on the side where the side entrance slot is.

    Could use a sturdier bottom (it has three feet) that wraps to the back for when the bag inevitably drags the floor hanging off of a roller bag.

    I do like the size and dimensions overall. It doesn't extend past the sides of a standard suitcase when attached so it is easy to roll down the aisle. The padded compartments in the middle pocket are nice. The laptop pocket in the rear, large compartment is huge. that I could do without since I only carry tablets anymore. The left side pocket fits my extra battery pack nicely. The Small top outside access pocket is useful for keys, etc.
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