Reviews for Travelpro FlightCrew5 22" Expandable Pilot Rollaboard

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  • By Larry from USA on Tuesday, November 08, 2016
  • Pros: Sturdy, good wheels, proper size for carry-on
  • Cons: Curved zipper pulls stick out from bag on some pockets, side and back pockets somewhat small.
  • Review: Up front, I'm a long-time Travelpro user. I have also used other brands like PNTCO's Stealth, some Tumi and Aandiamo. When I saw the FlightCrew5 'Pilot' bag it caught my interest. after watching the You Tube videos about it, I ordered one. It's a very solid bag with a strong frame and handle, good wheels and sized properly for carry on. I have an issue with the zipper pulls which I contacted Travelpro about and that is that they are sorta 'flashy' and curved on the end. They look like Travelpro's EXECUTIVE type pulls, not some that a pilot would choose. The curve is fine for gripping them but it makes them 'directional' - they lay flat on one side and stick up when lying flat on the back side. And some of the pockets zip shut with the pull curved TOWARD the bag while others zip shut and stick OUT from the bag. Don't expect to get too many items in the side and back pockets but they are good for smaller, ready at hand items. Haven't used it enough to say I would or wouldn't buy it again.
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Good flight crew bag. Fits 737 flightdeck.

  • By K from Seaford VA USA on Friday, September 06, 2019
  • Pros: Fits 737 flight deck.
  • Cons:
  • Review: For those who are looking for a bag that fits the 737 flight deck, this one fits well. Once in a while the lower side pocket might hang up a little when removing the bag from the storage area, but nothing like the Luggage Works bags with side pockets.

    Overall I like this bag much better than the Luggage Works stuff. Lighter and sturdier IMO. The $15-ish upcharge for this bag over the standard TravelPro flight crew bag is well worth it just for the rear edge\corner supports.

    After 22 years of airline flying, my assessment is that this is a good bag for crew. There are a lot of extra pockets to quickly retrieve EFB's, paperwork and other frequently used stuff. I can't say I use every pocket, but I'm a minimalist compared to some that I fly with. I expect this bag to last about 5-7 years of normal work use, maybe longer since replacement parts are readily available.

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Serves its purpose very well

  • By Floridajim from Tampa FL USA on Monday, April 02, 2018
  • Pros: Good size, easy to pack and stack. Wheels are great. Looks great too.
  • Cons: No suitor sleeve
  • Review: It did meet my expectations. I travel almost every week domestically and internationally. I was actually replacing an older model of the same bag. I like the upgrades from the version flight crew 4. This is commercial grade not retail stuff. The only thing I miss is the suitor sleeve but I can deal with that. No problem. Very happy with the purchase.
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A Smooth Rollerboard

  • By Skyflyin from Cypress TX USA on Tuesday, March 12, 2019
  • Pros: Smooth roller, quality materials and long handle
  • Cons: Overhead storage issues and side pockets snag sometimes
  • Review: I have been using Travelpro for years because of their quality and this one lives up to that. It's roomy with plenty of space for a four day trip. My favorite thing about this one is how smooth and quiet it rolls. The tall handle is nice as well. The material and zippers (although a bit big) seem to be of good quality. The only downsides are that it didn't fit in a B737 overhead wheels first, but did fit with handle in first. Also, the pockets on the side are not useful to me and hinder getting it out of the flight deck storage, but no real issue. Overall a great suitcase and I would recommend it.
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So far, So good!

  • By Dennis from Cranberry Township PA USA on Sunday, April 14, 2019
  • Pros: Rugged
  • Cons: Top heavy
  • Review: I am a Locomotive Engineer, and purchased this bag for my overnight travels as required for work. I needed a bag that is rugged, something that would withstand the difficult terrain traversing to and from my train (it's not all concrete, asphalt, and indoor walkways), fabric or outer shell capable of being brushed against steel without snagging or tearing, and some outer pockets for quick easy access for personal items.

    To date this bag has met or exceeded my expectations, now the only question is longentivity.

    The only issue or negative is, the bag seams top heavy. I have a sweatshirt in the top garment portion, and with the normal listing of the train, it has a tendency to tip over.

    Pending on its durability over the long haul. As of now, I would purchase this item again!

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Very nice, but a little heavy

  • By A Customer from Deland FL USA on Wednesday, May 29, 2019
  • Pros: Quality construction and features
  • Cons: Weight
  • Review: I only gave this carry-on 4 stars because of the weight. Otherwise, I’d have given it a 11. Very nice, well constructed and with enough zippered pockets to satisfy the organized pack rat in many of us.
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