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Established in 1999, Levil Technology is dedicated to the design and manufacture of aviation instrumentation. Ruben D. Leon, founder and president of Levil Technology has dedicated most of his life creating innovative solutions within the automation world and the aerospace community. After his first successful homebuilt project, a Varieze, Ruben and his brother built the first experimental Twin-Cozy to cross an average of 1500 miles from Venezuela to the AirVenture Oshkosh in 1998 using 2 Susuki engines with counter-rotating propellers. Weight was an issue when so many "steam" gauges were needed to safely monitor both engines in such a small plane, leading to the search of an affordable and reliable glass cockpit for the twin. After constant disappointment Ruben decided to design an All-in-one custom AHRS-EMS system that would enable him to have control over calibration, broader probe's compatibility and instrument versatility.

Tucan Systems Inc. emerged after the growing interest of third party aviation companies, and Levil now manufactures the finest stand-alone AHRS ((Attitude and Heading Reference System) in the market for a number of companies. What drives Levil is the passion to create innovative products, and what stands them apart is the ability to deliver high quality products at a competitive price with guaranteed customer satisfaction. Tucan Systems and Levil Technology developed the first iPad compatible AHRS for General Aviation and is now opening the doors to the experimental and light-sport community with the new iLevil series, which combined for the first time, AHRS and ADS-B technology. They are proud to bring innovative and reliable technology every day and continue offering outstanding customer service around the world.


iLevil 3 AW Portable ADS-B + GPS + AHRS
iLevil 3 AW Portable ADS-B + GPS + AHRS
$1,395.00   $1,290.00
5 Star Review (1 reviews)
The AW provides ADS-B weather and traffic information, GPS navigation and AD-AHRS technology.
iLevil 3 SW Portable ADS-B + GPS + AHRS
iLevil 3 SW Portable ADS-B + GPS + AHRS
$1,195.00   $1,045.00
Combines the latest in GPS, AHRS and ADS-B technology to bring pilots an affordable backup solution that is both Android and iOS compatible.
iLevil Sport Portable GPS + AHRS
iLevil Sport Portable GPS + AHRS
$795.00   $765.00
Combines the latest in GPS and AHRS technology to bring pilots an affordable backup solution that is both Android and iOS compatible

iLevil Remote ADS-B Antenna
iLevil Remote ADS-B Antenna
4 Star Review (1 reviews)
Helpful when installing the iLevil SW with a line-of-sight to ground stations is not possible








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