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Dan Dyer

Dan Dyer is a flight instructor living and flying in the San Francisco Bay Area, certified in both airplanes and helicopters. While doing his own flight training, Dan was struck both with the amount of information pilots are expected to know and how ineffectively some of the information is taught. Safety as a pilot depends on being able to actually know and use all the information your instructor is telling you, not just memorizing it for a few weeks prior to your checkride. With his passion for training effectiveness and his degree in Cognitive Science from UCLA, Dan spends a lot of time trying to understand how people think and learn and creating flight training tools using those insights.


VOR Training Flash Cards
VOR Training Flash Cards
$39.95   $36.50
4.5 Star Review (10 reviews)
Teach yourself to read and interpret VORs at a glance! Radically improve your ability to use VORs in the air!
Ground School Workbook for Private Pilots
Ground School Workbook for Private Pilots
$32.95   $29.95
5 Star Review (2 reviews)
Workbook companion to the FAA's Pilot Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge
Flight Training Workbook for Private Pilots
Flight Training Workbook for Private Pilots
$27.95   $25.95
Workbook companion to the FAA's Airplane Flying Handbook (FAA-8083-3A)








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