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Clarity Aloft Link Stereo Aviation Headset with Bluetooth information

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Clarity Aloft Link Stereo Aviation Headset with Bluetooth

- 11 customer reviews.
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Clarity Aloft Link Stereo Aviation Headset with Bluetooth

The Ultimate in Sound Clarity

With Bluetooth Wireless!  Wirelessly connect to multiple Bluetooth devices for phone calls, music, and more. Tailored Digital Signal Processing gives it the clearest sound available today.

Clarity Aloft Aviation Headsets have merged the most advanced technologies from the fields of hearing science, aviation communications, and performance audio into a streamlined design.

The Clarity Aloft headsets employ patented Comply(TM) Canal Tips, composed of soft viscoelastic foam, the same foam tips used in advanced hearing aids. More than simple earplugs, these foam tips provide full spectrum noise reduction: 35-45dB of attenuation. This advanced technology has been lab tested to prove that viscoelastic passive noise reduction (VPNR) is superior to active noise reduction (ANR), especially in the speech frequencies, precisely where clarity of sound and hearing protection is most needed for aviation communications.

  • Bluetooth Wireless connection to two (2) Bluetooth devices simultaneously (i.e. cell phone and iPad)
  • Superior clarity of sound
  • Lightweight, but rugged enough to meet military specifications
  • Better noise reduction than ANR in the speech frequencies
  • Cool and comfortable
  • Hygienic replaceable foam tips, compliant to each individual ear
  • High quality components tested to military specifications
  • Professional grade microphone
  • Stereo/Mono capability with MP-3/Ipod input
  • No batteries are required
  • 3 Year Warranty

Clarity Aloft(TM) aviation headsets are the result of their commitment to the highest standards in aviation communications. These headsets contain the most technically advanced components brought together from diverse experts in audio communications.

The Earpieces
The Clarity Aloft earpieces are used to improve both hearing protection and speech communications. Each earpiece includes a miniature speaker that reproduces speech signals from the aircraft audio system. The replaceable compliant foam tips (Comply(TM) Canal Tips) which attach to the earpiece contain a pathway for the sound to travel from the transducer to the ear. Used by the military for helicopter pilots, both components of the earpiece, the transducer and Comply Canal Tips, have been tested, used rigorously and meet the most exacting military standards.

Replaceable Foam Tips
The superior seal is achieved with our patented Comply(TM) Canal Tips, which are used in high-end hearing aids. These viscoelastic foam tips provide the highest level of hearing protection available by any method including active noise reduction. (ANR) The outstanding noise reduction (35-45dB) in the speech frequencies between 400 to 4,000 Hz results in unsurpassed clarity of voice communications. Resembling foam earplugs, the foam tips are so comfortable because they are compliant to the shape of the ear. Considerable sound science history backs up their impressive performance. Technical specifications on our viscoelastic passive noise reduction (VPNR) are included in the Owner's Guide.

The Noise-Cancelling Microphone
The noise-canceling microphone used in the Clarity Aloft Headset is a high fidelity noise canceling Electret Condenser microphone with performance optimized for speech frequencies in extremely high noise environments. Stage performers and musicians use this same microphone because they must insist on the highest level of sound reproduction.

Bluetooth Music / Cell Phone Input
Wirelessly connect to multiple Bluetooth devices for phone calls, music, and more. Tailored Digital Signal Processing gives it the clearest sound available today. Two Bluetooth devices can be linked simultaneously.  The Clarity Aloft Stereo Headset is also equipped with a music input in the volume control box that will accommodate most music devices through a 1/8 inch plug. Be sure that the volume of the music device is set at minimum before connecting to the headset. 

Low-Profile Headband
With its flexible boom arm, this featherweight band is the same one sported by stage musicians and professional performers the world over. Balance and comfort are the result of its elegantly simple design. The mic boom can be easily re-positioned for eating and drinking during flight without disturbing your earpieces.


  • Headset
  • Carrying case
  • Owner's Guide
  • 6 month supply of Comply(TM) Canal Tips (6 pair)
  • 2 AA Batteries 





Now: $795.00

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Customer Reviews For Clarity Aloft Link Stereo Aviation Headset with Bluetooth:
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Friday, August 26, 2016
Great quality audio, with a design problem
by David from Grand Prairie TX USA 

Pros: Very light, a bit cheaper than others with bluetooth
Cons: Not great for eye glasses
Review: I wear glasses and it is a bit uncomfortable wear the wire support since both glasses and support are over my ears. The audio quality is great, and the ear inserts are comfortable. The only design problem is that they need to make the cord going from the headset to Bluetooth controller longer. Even with a clip to help reduce the weight being pulls down, the controller still dangles and swings and I can't place it anywhere near me. Most of the time I rest it in my lap but that gets distracting and not very safe.
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Monday, November 10, 2014
Great Headset, but questionable quality
by Jim, Cardinal and Seneca pilot from Reston, VA 

Pros: Very lightweight, good sound quality, good fit
Cons: Quality. They only work for about a year or two at most. The microphone WILL fail on you, maybe right away, maybe after a few years, but it will fail.
Review: I would give this headset a 5, but it keeps failing. I've purchased 3 of these headsets. 2 of them have already been replaced under warranty, and BOTH of those replacements failed in under a year. One replacement failed after just 4 uses. I've had to send them back to be replaced at my cost, as Clarity Aloft refuses to pay for shipping a failed headset back to them. When they work, they can't be beat. The bluetooth box is heavy and awkwardly located.
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Thursday, October 16, 2014
Got it right this time
by Michael from Redondo Beach CA USA 

Pros: light weight, comfortable, clarity, tech support
Cons: inability to switch left or right side boom mic
Review: I promised to revise and amend my previous review after the headset was returned for repair/modification because it did not seem to work on our fleet of B747-8Fs.
There was a problem with the original headset that I purchased, and after a full review and disclosure of the results of the review to me, a new headset was sent.
I have tested the headset in 2 of our aircraft, and found it to be perfectly functional.
The headset is light and comfortable, and the audio/transmission is crystal clear. I found the earbuds to be comfortable. The headset is a bit awkward at first to get on and into positon, but subsequent attempts were easier.
A left side/right side option would be a bonus.
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Monday, October 21, 2013
Works well
by Tom from Mead CO USA 

Pros: Noise reduction and ease of use
Review: I don't like over the ear noise reduction primarily because of glasses. (Sunglasses, shooting glasses, reading glasses) This product worked very well. First time use I finished my flight and was unaware of any cockpit noise in a training 172. Communication was clear.
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Monday, June 24, 2013
A pleasant surprise!
by Steven from St Petersburg FL USA 

Pros: Lightweight, no squeezing, no sweating.
Cons: Ear plugs need to be changed and can get gross with ear wax.
Review: I had owned a Quiet technology Halo and ended up selling it on Ebay as I was quite unhappy. So I apprehensive about buying the Clarity Aloft (w/Bluetooth) but it came with a 30 day trial so what did I have to lose? I am 100% satisfied! I fly a lightSport so it's noisy and I didn't think it would be able to compete with my Zulu's but I am totally happy and now my wife wants a set! Once you get used to having the ear plugs inside your ear you will immediately notice the lightness and lack of sweating (I live in Florida). No squeezing of your sunglass temples and no headaches after wearing them all day. You will need to keep your ears clean otherwise the ear plugs can get rather gross looking and you really need to be sure they are actually in your ear canal.
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Monday, February 04, 2013
Noise reduction surprisingly very good.
by Ryan from Bankstown Airport NSW Australia 

Pros: Comfort, lightweight, extra headroom.
Cons: Headset bag, over ear frame.
Review: The clarity aloft headset has certainly achieved what I have wanted it to. I am a 6'6" instructor flying a DA40 and DA42 and I bought the headset to improve room between my head and the canopy. This does just that very well. The in ear headset is also very comfortable, at first I had trouble getting them to stay in, but thankfully my pilot store included trial large size ear pieces, which fit much better. Once you get used to fitting the plugs and the feeling of having them in your ears the comfort is extremely high, wearing sunglasses does not reduce the seal like it would in a Bose headset. The bluetooth system it comes with is also of good quality. My only two complaints is that it is impossible to fit the bluetooth model back into the headset bag without disassembling the headset back to its factory shipped condition, so I have had to use my old Bose headset bag. The ear tips do last a considerable time. Secondly, the over the ear frame is a little bit tight after long periods of time, however this probably only affects someone of my stature.
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Tuesday, January 15, 2013
Excellent job
by Murat Pegasus B737 from turkey 

Pros: Cool sexy confortable
Cons: Blue link has a noise when it is empty. Hanger should be stronger .
Review: Very light weight, comfortable . Excellent blue tooth spec . There is a noise when you turn on blue link. To hang cable set it need some thing stronger . It won't mass your grooming (hairs).its pItty does not have ANR. Small ear tips better than med tips
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Monday, August 13, 2012
A Great buy!
by Neal from Shullsburg WI USA 

Pros: Quiet, light, Simple
Review: I really like the light weight & quietness of the Clarity headset! The Bluetooth works great!
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Wednesday, April 04, 2012
Worked great out of the box....ooops wait a plug for helicopter.
by Curtis from Center Harbor NH USA 

Pros: Light and excellent audio quality, passive noise cancellation is best for hearing what's important in the helicopter's performance
Cons: needed an adapter for the single plug helicopter jack, bulky and heavier cord
Review: I'm a student helicopter pilot, and although I love the headset now, I was disappointed to find out there was not a helicopter version. I had to buy a helicopter adapter, but it works great!
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Monday, February 06, 2012
Awesome Headset
by A Customer from milwaukee, wi 

Pros: weight, size & fit
Cons: none so far
Review: I'm a student pilot so when it was time to buy a headset I orderd the Lightspeed Zulu 2, Bose A20 bluetooth and the Clarity Aloft Link. Although the LS and Bose were really nice headsets I really didn't like the weight & pressure. Plus I like to mount a small camera to video my lessons & that was a challenge w/ over the head headsets. Although I was skeptical of the Clarity Alofts I was extremely impressed w/ how well they fit & how light they are. The sound quality is perfect for me & the bluetooth works great. So glad I went w/ the Clarity Alofts cause I can wear sunglasses, hats, video whatever I want w/o any problem & I don't even feel the headset on.
Was this Review Helpful to you?   Yes   No

Thursday, December 01, 2011
More comfortable than Bose or Zulu
by robert from panama city, fl 

Pros: comfort, light weight
Cons: get use to pushing something into your ear canal
Review: Sound is good, noise reduction is good.  They could be horrible and I would still be happy because they are SO much more comfortable.
Was this Review Helpful to you?   Yes   No




Previous Customer Questions For Clarity Aloft Link Stereo Aviation Headset with Bluetooth:
Ask Your Own Question
On Thursday, September 12, 2013 a customer asked:
Dear Sir I hope you are doing well , I am interested in this headset but I have a question? I fly the A320 aero plans does this headset jack fits in with the A320 headset sockests? Thanks

The Clarity Aloft comes with standard dual plugs.  In order to use this headset on an Airbus, you will need the Fixed Wing to Airbus Adapter.  Please note that you will still need to power the headset with batteries because you are connecting to the airplane via an adapter and not an actual Airbus cable assembly (5-pin XLR).

On Tuesday, May 22, 2012 a customer asked:
Is this type TSO certified?
A: No, this headset is not TSO certified. If you fly for an airline and need the FAA TSO, the only Clarity Aloft model that has an FAA TSO is the Clarity Aloft Stereo Aviation PRO Headset (TSO-Certified).

On Thursday, November 17, 2011 a customer asked:
Can I change the mic to the right?
A: Because of the way the headset is built, it is not possible to change the orientation of the microphone boom.

On Friday, September 23, 2011 a customer asked:
Do you make these with a helicopter plug in or do I need the adapter? The heli only takes a single plug in.
A: They do not make these with a helicopter plug, so you would need the Fixed Wing to Helicopter adapter.



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