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Aerox 1-Place Portable Aviation Oxygen System information
List Price: $462.00
Now:  $352.00

Product # 7788

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Aerox 1-Place Portable Aviation Oxygen System

- 4 customer reviews.

Aerox 1-Place Portable Aviation Oxygen System

Since 1981 Aerox has been providing the aviation industry with innovative solutions for all of their oxygen needs. And, with a Lifetime Warranty, you can't go wrong with Aerox!

The Aerox Portable Aviation Oxygen systems feature:

  • Push-pull quick connects for fast, positive, one-handed operation.
  • Each outlet independently controllable with individual needle valve control.
  • Calibrated flowmeter in each delivery tube accurately shows proper flow by altitude, doubles as a flow indicator. The most accurate instrument to measure flow.
  • Needle valve control of flow by each user allows exact adjustment for altitude and type of mask or cannula. When used with Oxysaver cannulas, oxygen duration is extended by a factor of four.
  • No tools required for assembly.
  • All-metal construction. AEROX regulators are made to last a lifetime without costly repairs.
  • Compact design, saves space and weight.
  • Use with Oxysaver cannulas or standard cannulas up to 18,000 feet MSL; or with masks above 18,000 feet MSL.
  • Change from Oxysaver cannula to mask simply by removing tubing from outflow end of flowmeter and attaching the hose from the mask. Remember to increase oxygen flow accordingly!
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty

We offer the 1 place, 2 place, and 4 place Aerox Oxygen Systems (please call us for larger systems).  Just choose how many people you want to support and then the size of the tank.  Each Aerox system comes with everything you need to get started including:

  • Regulator
  • Aluminum Cylinder
  • Oxysaver Cannulas (one for each place of the system you purchase)
  • One (1) mask
  • Flowmeters, Adjustment Needle Valves
  • Cylinder valve
  • Pressure gauge

Choose your cylinder size and capacity:

Cylinder A C D E M
Capacity (cubic feet) 6 9 13 24 22
Weight (full) 3.4 5.2 7.4 10.6 10.8
Diameter (inches) 3.125 4.375 4.375 4.375 5.25
Height (inches) 14 13 19 28 19
PSI 2216 2015 2015 2015 2216
Duration (man hours) 12+ 16+ 26+ 46+ 46+

All Aerox Oxygen Systems are shipped EMPTY.  If you would rather have it arrive completely full, please add the Aerox Filling and Hazmat Fee to your shopping cart.  At only $32, it's probably less expensive than filling it at the airport!  We also recommend a seat back case for your system too!


List Price: $462.00
Now: $352.00

Please select one of the choices below:
Select Tank Size:

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Lowest Price Guaranteed: If you find a better price elsewhere on this product we will match that price and beat it by 10% of the difference.

Buy With Confidence!  Purchase today and you can return it in the original condition through Friday, October 19, 2018!  Our return policy.

Have a question about Aerox 1-Place Portable Aviation Oxygen System?  Ask your question and see previous Q & A about this product.


Customer Reviews For Aerox 1-Place Portable Aviation Oxygen System:
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Tuesday, February 07, 2017
Portable Oxygen tank
by Donald from Midland NC USA 

Review: Works as it is designed and I am happy with it.
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Saturday, June 04, 2016
Handy asset
by GLEN from Lompoc CA USA 

Pros: Convenient to use
Cons: None
Review: Works well and holds plenty of O2
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Wednesday, November 25, 2015
Okay experience
by A Customer from Hot Springs SD USA 

Pros: Friendly service
Cons: slow response to missing oxygen regulator from Aerox
Review: Arrived without regulator. Called the pilot store and they contacted Aerox who promptly called me back. Aerox said they would check into my missing regulator. I called back the next morning and they were still investigating. Called back the next day and Aerox said they were shipping me a regulator priority mail. I don't know why they could not just send me a regulator the first day. Tried putting the regulator on but it would not screw on. Oxygen bottle looked like it had been dropped and top thread was smashed. It must have been shipped that way as the bottle was well packed when it arrived. Overall service from Aerox ok but not great. No problems with MyPilotStore.
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Wednesday, September 17, 2014
Worked well and affordable.
by Luke from Eureka CA USA 

Pros: cheap, easy to use, precise.
Cons: none
Review: For the price, this system is right on. I used this to cruise comfortably over the tall Rocky peak of Idaho/Montana (12_16000ft). The flow meter is easy to use and helps optimize the flow rate per altitude. One does need remember to turn on the regulator (the big knob) before turn on the needle valve (the tiny knob). If was to buy this system again, I would buy a 2 place system. It is just a tad more expensive, but more versatile.
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Previous Customer Questions For Aerox 1-Place Portable Aviation Oxygen System:
Ask Your Own Question
On Monday, July 28, 2014 a customer asked:
How long before an oxygen tank must be replaced with oxygen if not used up? (E.g., what's the expiration limit for portable oxygen?)
A: Oxygen does not go “stale”. The FDA requires an expiration in the medical industry, because it is controlled like a drug, however the aviation and industrial industries do not have the same requirements.  There is no expiration on the Oxygen.

On Tuesday, July 19, 2011 a customer asked:
A: If you only need 5-8 hours of oxygen for a single pilot you can easily get away with the 6 cubic foot tank.  The 6 cubic foot tank will give you about 12 hours of oxygen at 10,000 feet.  At the lower altitudes (7000-9000) you'll get even longer use out of a single tank.

On Tuesday, June 21, 2011 a customer asked:
Does aviation oxygen require a prescription
A: Nope, no RX is required at all.

Manufacturer Part Numbers: 1A 1C 1D


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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

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