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ASA Virtual Test Prep DVD / PrepWare Software Combo - Instrument Pilot information
List Price: $199.95
Now:  $179.95

Product # 6959

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ASA Virtual Test Prep DVD / PrepWare Software Combo - Instrument Pilot

- 2 customer reviews.

ASA Virtual Test Prep DVD / PrepWare Software Combo - Instrument Pilot

Virtual Test Prep–An Aviation Ground School brings the classroom to any home TV or computer DVD or Blu-Ray player. Instrument rating test, Widescreen and Blu-Ray Edition.


With Virtual Test Prep, you can learn the material you need to ace the FAA Knowledge Exam, but this is not just another question and answer review; you also gain the information necessary to become a safe, competent and confident pilot. Brilliant animations, 3D graphics and special effects throughout, along with expert instructors and terrific inflight footage make the Virtual Test Prep course a thoroughly entertaining and motivating learning experience that helps you prepare for the exams.

Watch the high-definition widescreen DVDs or Blu-Ray disks to learn the subjects, then use the ASA Prepware software (CD included) to work through the questions for a comprehensive aviation ground school. Graduation certificate and instructor endorsement (sign-off) available from ASA for no additional cost upon completion of the course.

Package also includes a bonus disk with over 2 hours of interviews, insights, and inspiration from some of the industry's leaders in aviation education who discuss their hard-learned lessons throughout the course. The interviews provide both an entertaining outlook and a rare opportunity to watch and listen as consummate aviators share their knowledge, wealth of experience and invaluable wisdom.

The Instrument Pilot Virtual Test Prep DVD course includes both high-definition widescreen DVDs and Blu-Ray disks so you can enjoy the videos on whatever player you have. Course contents: Weather Concepts, Weather Services, Flight Instruments, Navigation, Regulations and Procedures, Departure, En Route, Arrival and Approach, and Test Tips. Nearly 10 hours of ALL-NEW material!

Other features of the series:

  • Both high-definition widescreen DVDs and Blu-Ray disks are included in the package.
  • Prepware software included in the package for access to all FAA Knowledge Exam questions, answers and explanations. Study by subject, take practice tests, and obtain your endorsement to take your official FAA test.
  • On-screen aviation mentors coach students with the use of top-notch instructional aids, training technologies, and real-world training tips for a dynamic learning environment.
  • Nearly 10 hours of high-definition video footage brings students all the information they need to ace the FAA Knowledge Exam.
  • DVD instantaneous control lets students navigate directly to the part of the lesson corresponding to a specific subject in the ASA Test Prep.
  • Real-world in-flight video provides focused and exciting learning.
  • Meets 14 CFR Part 61 home study requirements and the organization makes it an easy addition to any classroom-style ground school.
  • Graduation certificate with instructor sign-off (endorsement) available from ASA upon completion of the course.

System Requirements:

Virtual Test Prep DVDs and Blu-Ray disks: Television or computer DVD or Blu-Ray player. Compatible with both PC and Macintosh systems.

Prepware CD: 200 MB available hard drive space, 128 MB RAM, 1024x768 SVGA compatible display, CD-ROM drive, mouse or other compatible pointing device, Adobe Reader. Product registration is required. Internet access is required for registration as well as software updates. PC and Mac compatible: IBM compatible PC with Pentium-class processor, Windows 7, Vista, XP with Service Pack 3, or 2000, Microsoft .net framework v2.0 or later. Macintosh computer with PowerPC G3, G4, G5, or Intel-Mac processor, OS X Tiger (10.4 or higher), OS X Snow Leopard (10.6).


List Price: $199.95
Now: $179.95

Add ASA Virtual Test Prep DVD / PrepWare Software Combo - Instrument Pilot To Cart

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Customer Reviews For ASA Virtual Test Prep DVD / PrepWare Software Combo - Instrument Pilot:
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Thursday, January 17, 2013
Save your money, just buy the "prepware", and study on your own!
by Shayne from Santa Barbara CA USA 

Pros: It comes in a nice case and the "Prepware" disc.
Cons: Awkward commentary provided by instructors who are visibly uncomfortable in front of the camera, little to no educational value beyond the same information which can be found in the test prep book or software.
Review: I purchased the virtual test prep as a Instrument refresher for an upcoming interview. Although I already have my commercial, instrument, and CFI, I thought the DVD ground school may help me, since I have not been flying professionally for about 5 years. The ground school DVDs are...painful at best to watch. I thought that because the DVDs were recently produced, they may not be as dry and dull as conventional study material... I was wrong. The DVDs are poorly edited, in one scene in particular they literally did a second take because the instructor missed his line. Someone in the editing department dropped the ball. The instructors appear awkward and are obviously reading the material verbatim from a teleprompter. At the end of each subject they review one or two questions from the FAA test prep, again reading directly from the test prep book. I'm not sure what the objective of these DVDs were, except to promote the working relationship between ASA and Stenbock Communications (the production company), which contributed several "guest instructors" for the program.
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Friday, May 28, 2010
Content good and useful - Editing could use some work
by Jeffrey from Santa Cruz CA USA 

Pros: Good information - great video quality - energetic instructors and commentators - what you *should* know information - Test prep software included was very nice - None of the cons are reasons not to get it
Cons: Little light on details sometimes, like difference between LDA, SDA, IOC - Navigation menu artifact on the Blu-Ray using PS3 which took user action to get rid of, however that was not on the DVD - Editing was not as good, in fact downright strange, scenes switched very oddly sometimes.
Review: The series has got a lot of what you *should* know included. The content included enough to get the test taken care of (I got a 93%) and the Test Prep software was pretty solid. It allowed you to get explanations and lessons during the *study* simulated tests, and the *real* simulated tests allowed you to review questions afterwards. The editing of the actual video was pretty weird. Scene cuts seem to be at the wrong place sometimes, but that was more entertaining than really distracting. At one place the narrator got cut off mid sentence went to another scene talking about real world applications, then went back for the guy to finish his sentence. Again though nothing wrong with the content. The fact it included Blu-Ray was nice if you have that kind of player. I did notice that there were some menu artifacts where I had to re-display the menu then remove it again for it to go away for good. It showed up any time I started the video the first time or navigated to a new lesson. Probably more of a technical issue and I was using a Playstation 3 which may be somewhat non standard anyway.
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