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Pilot's Guide to Mexico and Central America information
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Pilot's Guide to Mexico and Central America

- 1 customer reviews.

Pilot's Guide to Mexico and Central America

his guide contains a review of current Mexican, Central America, and US procedures for making a private flight from the USA to Mexico or Central America and back as well as other useful information.

Now in its 6th edition, Caribbean Sky Tours has released its 2013-2015 Pilots Guide to Mexico and Central America. Printed in FULL COLOR, the 2013-2015 Pilot’s Guide has almost twice as many airports including destination photos and verified airport information with airport pictures and sketches as well as important telephone contact information. The Pilot Guide’s “Procedures” section has been expanded to include procedures for each country with what you need to know to enter, fly within, depart or over-fly each country. With your purchase, you also receive a FREE 1 year membership to the Caribbean Sky Tours Member Website which provides access to fuel prices, procedures, forms, charts, weather and more (a $49.99 value).

Updated regularly with current procedures for flying private, general aviation airplanes to, and within, ALL of Mexico and containing verified airport information, it is a "must have" for any trip to Mexico. We also recommend the new Mexican VFR WAC Charts for your navigation needs.

Caribbean Sky Tours works closely with Mexican authorities to obtain verified and accurate information on procedures for flying a private airplane to Mexico as well as updated airport information to provide pilots with an additional source of information to supplement official navigation sources. The data in the guide was obtained from years of meetings with the DGAC, Mexico's Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP), meetings with local aviation and government officials and from our 16 years of experience in Mexico.

This was accomplished with their unique combination of:

  • Speaking the language and being from the region
  • Based in Mexico
  • Executive council member of Mexico Federation of Pilots
  • AOPA Authorized representative in Mexico

As well as conducting trips throughout the country, allows us the unique opportunity to stay abreast of aviation topics in Mexico. THIS INFORMATION IS NOT INTENDED FOR NAVIGATION, IT IS FOR GENERAL REFERENCE ONLY.

Procedures on how to fly to Mexico and Central America and back to the U.S.A.

  • Documents
  • Equipment
  • Airspace and Charts
  • Permit Requirements
  • Flight Plans
  • Checklists
  • VFR versus IFR

Verified Airport Information

  • Standardized Airport Format
  • Coordinates
  • Runway Information
  • Communication & Navaid Frequencies
  • Unpublished Flight Service Frequencies
  • Color Aerial Pictures and Sketches
  • Fuel Availability and Payment Methods
  • Important Airport Telephone Numbers
  • Destination Photographs

Extensive Reference Section

  • Instructions for completing ICAO Flight Plans
  • Telephone Numbers for ALL Mexican Flight Service Stations and Central America Weather Offices
  • Telephone Numbers for CBP Airport Offices
  • Emergencies & Survival Section
  • Survival Strategies
  • Emergency Telephone Numbers

Procedures on how to fly to Mexico, within Mexico and back to the U.S.A.

  • NEW: More airports (137 airports total)
  • NEW: Telephone numbers for airport management and DGC offices at each airport.
  • NEW: Extensive destination information on regions covered by the guide.
  • NEW: An entire section on eAPIS and the new US Customs and Border Protection rule.
  • NEW: Survival strategies written by AST Overwater with decades of experience.
  • Documents required for pilot and passengers
  • Crossing the U.S. ADIZ
  • VFR vs. IFR and Over Land vs. Over Water
  • Entry and exit process for Mexico
  • Getting fuel & weather information
  • Filing and closing flight plans in Mexico
  • Emergency telephone numbers

How to fill out Mexican aviation documents and other important info.

  • Simplified instructions for completing ICAO flight plan format
  • Direct-dial telephone numbers for U.S. and Mexican Flight Service Stations Mexican and U.S. Airports Of Entry
  • Mexican aviation documents
  • Telephone numbers for CBP airport offices

Verified airport information for General Aviation airports in east and southeast Mexico

  • Mexico border crossing chart
  • Standardized airport format
  • Coordinates & runway information
  • Communication frequencies & Navaids
  • Color aerial pictures
  • Fuel availability and payment methods
  • Observations from visits to each airport

Published: August 2013
Pages: 312
Full color


List Price: $59.99
Now: $51.95

Add Pilot's Guide to Mexico and Central America To Cart

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Customer Reviews For Pilot's Guide to Mexico and Central America:
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Tuesday, October 26, 2010
by Milton Hershey from  
Pros: Has some nice photos and discriptions of things to do
Cons: Almost all information can be found via Google
Review: The promotion is misleading. I purchased this thinking that it would have information on airports in all of Mexico. Its main thrust is the east coast with a few airports in Baja. I purchased "Airport of Mexico" from the Baja Bush Pilots and find that it gives me all the information I need for all of Mexico. Bad choice, good choice.
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Saturday, September 22, 2018

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