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WW II Air War  6-DVD Set information
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WW II Air War 6-DVD Set

WW II Air War  6-DVD Set

"The story of World War II and America's part in it is best told through the sights and sounds of history as it happened. This is the real war, documented in priceless strings of pictures and streams of sound, as chosen by our film archivists."Les Waffen, National Archives

Since 1935, the National Archives has been responsible for the acquisition, preservation, and public dissemination of the permanent record of the United States government. Now, for the first time, select materials from this inestimable national resource have been assembled to produce WWII: Air War, the DVD boxed set representing an invaluable cinematic recounting of America's airborne involvement during World War II. Featuring everything from historical newsreel footage to documentary featurettes lensed and narrated by top Hollywood enlistees, WWII: Air War spotlights astonishingly varied and emotional images culled from the millions of pieces making up the National Archives' popular holdings.

Volume I
The Rear Gunner (1943) 26 min.
New recruits attend gunnery training programs. Features footage of Lieutenant Ronald Reagan and Burgess Meredith, and FDR signing the conscription law.

The Memphis Belle (1944) 43 min.
Director William Wyler's tautly effective documentary of this celebrated flying fortress and her dangerous final mission over Germany.

Volume II
Bomber (1941) 20 min.
Carl Sandburg narrates this short documentary chronicling the manufacture, assembly and flight of one fighting aircraft.

Thunderbolt (1945) 43 min.
Helmed by veteran Hollywood director William Wyler and John Sturgess, and featuring voice work by James Stewart and Lloyd Bridges, this spectacular documentary offers a thrilling point of view color sequence of a P-47 bombing raid over Italy.

Volume III
Combat America (1945) 62 min.
Clark Gable narrates and appears in this dramatized story of the 351st Bomber Group.

Volume IV
Expansion to Air Power (1944) 43 min.
Responding to Axis aggression, the 30-year-old Army Air Corps (AAC) reorganizes to form the global, 15-forces-strong U.S. Army Air Forces (AAF), with General "Hap" Arnold assuming command.

Army Air Forces: Pacific (1944) 18 min.
These cinematic exploits of the AAF in the North Pacific include missions to Okinawa and Iwo Jima. Featured sessions — General "Hap" Arnold urging viewers to buy savings bonds, General Douglas MacArthur returning to the Philippines, and a commemoration of war correspondent Ernie Pyle.

Volume V
Air War in Europe (1943) 14 min.
Thrilling film of Allied forces on bombing missions over Nazi-occupied Italy, France, and Romania includes on-board footage of Thunderbolts preparing for attack by Focke-Wolf and Messerschmitt aircraft.

AAF Report (1944) 41 min.
Archival footage from the Army Signal Corps and Army Air Services provides a cinematic summary of AAF accomplishments in 1943.

Volume VI
Fight for the Sky (1945) 20 min.
General Jimmy Doolittle briefs the 8th Air Force Fighter Command for an escort mission over Germany. Footage includes the downing of several German fighters and U.S. bombers, and a photo montage of U.S. fliers killed in action.

Thunderbolt Combat Film Report (1943) 33 min.
P-47 ("Thunderbolt") flight crews prepare to engage in the bombing of German industrial sites. Footage includes Thunderbolt takeoff and flight formation.


List Price: $49.99
Now: $37.95

Add WW II Air War  6-DVD Set To Cart

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