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SoftComm ATC-4S Portable 4 Place Stereo Intercom information
List Price: $239.00
Now:  $214.95

Product # 5525

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SoftComm ATC-4S Portable 4 Place Stereo Intercom

- 5 customer reviews.

SoftComm ATC-4S Portable 4 Place Stereo Intercom

SoftComm Intercoms are versatile, compact and reliable and are designed to make it easy to communicate with co-pilots, students, passengers or CFIs. Two-way conversations can be as effortless as a discussion in your living room. With hands free transmission, it is no longer necessary to push a button or throw a switch to talk because the voice activated (VOX) circuitry provides “fast-on”, clear amplification and prevents word-clipping and at the same time, won’t shut off before you finish talking.

Setting the standard for performance, SoftComm intercoms are quality engineered and constructed of the finest aircraft grade materials. They are 100% tested to assure their quality of performance. No one can boast of more stringent quality controls.

Even though an auxiliary power cable is included which can be used to connect to the aircraft’s power supply, it can operate on its own self-contained 9 volt DC battery(s). This means that it can be taken from one airplane to another without disconnecting wires. This is a real plus for aircraft renters, CFIs or pilots who use more than one plane. With the unique automatic power on/off, the intercom draws battery power only when the headsets are plugged in. No other intercom compares for battery life or cost effectiveness.

Both the the two place and four-place intercoms allow the pilot, co-pilot or CFI to transmit. The exclusive “Y” block splits the microphone circuit allowing either the pilot or  co-pilot to transmit to ATC through the intercom. In addition, the “pilot isolation” switch allows pilot privacy from intercom activities.

A combination push-to-talk switch and LED indicator is conveniently mounted on the front panel. This is provided as a backup switch for the PTT switch in the aircraft’s radio yoke.

The built-in “record” and “listen” features allow usage of an external digital recorder for recording clearances, ATIS, instructions or flight plan information. This same feature allows the playing of music during long flights. However, the music will automatically “mute” when either ATC or passengers talk.

Mixing of headsets (different makes) is permitted and will automatically adjust for any inferior microphone design.

These unique intercoms come with all cables and auxiliary power cords and a conveniently located battery compartment. Combine all of these features with a three year warranty and SoftComm’s “Pride of Workmanship”, makes SoftComm’s intercoms one of today’s finest values.

Internal Alkaline 9 volt DC battery (space for two batteries) or power cable to cigarette lighter (included).

Current Drain:
10 ma in standby; 20 ma in full use with up to 6 SoftComm headsets.

Dynamic Responses:
500 ms (VOX controlled) off; < 20 ms (VOX controlled) on

Frequency Response:
100-6000 HZ

Volume Control:
-15 db controls intercom volume only.

Headset Interface:
Headphone PJ-055B jack and microphone PJ-068 jack

Aircraft Interface:
Five foot, five conductor cable with PJ-055B and PJ-068 jacks that also accept pilot and co-pilot portable PTT switches.


List Price: $239.00
Now: $214.95

Add SoftComm ATC-4S Portable 4 Place Stereo Intercom To Cart

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Customer Reviews For SoftComm ATC-4S Portable 4 Place Stereo Intercom:
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Wednesday, November 04, 2015
Great product for the price
by Mark from Kendall NY USA 

Pros: Easy to hook up and use with my icom handheld
Cons: None so far
Review: I wanted a portable unit that I could easily feed music and connect a hand held radio in my Champ. This unit fit my needs so I gave it a shot and it works perfect. It's loud enough to hear the handheld transmissions and the music. The music mutes when a transmission is being received. You do need the adapter from icom to connect the large audio and mic jacks to the smaller icom radio input plug.
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Monday, July 08, 2013
Great product.
by Denny from Norwich OH USA 

Pros: Potable and affordable.
Cons: Can't figure out how if co-pilot can use PTT
Review: Clear quality sound. Very easy to use and move!
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Sunday, April 03, 2011
Short Circuti
by Cub Pilot from Austin, TX 

Pros: Seemed to work well.
Cons: Could have caused a fire.
Review: Bought the intercom for use in my Cub and installed two 9V batteries upon delivery. Used it the next day for about an hour an it worked perfectly. A week later, the batteries were dead. After replacing them, with the intercom off, the batteries immediately became hot and had to be removed.
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Wednesday, May 13, 2009
Great Product perfect compliment to my Softcomm Headsets
by Floyd from Villisca IA USA 

Pros: Excellent Value
Cons: None
Review: It has excelled in performance compared to much higher priced stereo portable intercoms. I like the controls and the fact when I upgrade to a 4 place aircraft its already to go.
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Monday, March 30, 2009

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Previous Customer Questions For SoftComm ATC-4S Portable 4 Place Stereo Intercom:
Ask Your Own Question
On Wednesday, July 07, 2010 a customer asked:
1. With auxiliary power hooked up, if the headsets stay plugged in when the aircraft master switch is turned off, will the intercom shut off or will it drain the 9V battery(s)? 2. Does the intercom have a fail-safe mode, i.e. if the intercom fails or shuts off, will I still hear ATC transmissions? 3. Is there a radio priority mode when switched to intercom, such that ATC transmissions will take priority over conversation on the intercom? 4. Do the volume and squelch controls only control the intercom?

1.  The intercom must still be turned off at the volume switch or it will think there is a problem with the power and the batteries will kick in.  The ATC-4S on/off switch is the volume switch on the intercom.  The ATC-4Y on/off switch is the pilot side headset jacks.


2.  Yes, ATC transmissions will be heard in fail/safe even if the intercom is dead.


3.  In the intercom mode the pilot will hear everyone on the intercom but ATC transmissions 

    will overide the intercom conversations.  In the radio mode the pilot will only hear ATC

    transmissions and not those on the intercom.


4.  The volume and squelch controls only the intercom function and not the headsets or radio.

On Monday, July 27, 2009 a customer asked:
Greetings, I use an older mono intercom for ham radio to handle the electret boom mike (BOSE-X phones) and want to use an SoftComm ATC-4S intercom to have stereo w/o having to plug the phones in directly to my transceiver. What I want to be 101% sure of: is the PL-55 plug from the ATC-4S that normally goes into the aircraft audio jack - mono or stereo?
A: I just spoke with SoftComm who said that it is a stereo jack but it is used in a mono format, the center ring is not used.

On Friday, June 05, 2009 a customer asked:
what is physical size of this unit?
A: It is 5" width x 3.75" length x 1.75" depth.



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