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ASA Flight Instructor Renewal Course information
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ASA Flight Instructor Renewal Course
- 21 customer reviews.

ASA Flight Instructor Renewal Course

Renew your CFI Certificate on your own schedule from your home computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet computer!

With ASA’s time-tested and trusted content, this convenient online, on-demand FAA-approved Flight Instructor Refresher Course (FIRC) provides everything CFIs need to renew their flight instructor certificate for another 2 years. The comprehensive, internet-based curriculum consists of lessons with evaluation, resources, and course tracking, supported with professional multi-media presentations from the leaders in aviation training. This is a convenient home-study course that brings the classroom to the home or office and lets instructors renew at their own pace, and in the comfort and privacy of their own place.

Complete the ASA FIRC on all your internet connected devices for the ultimate in flexibility. Login from your desktop, laptop, smart phone, iPad or other tablet computer—the course knows where you left off regardless of which device you last used. Review all lesson components even after completion of the course to serve as a refresher, too, with access available for 24 months after your course registration date.

  • Experienced instructors provide engaging lectures that coach participants in scenario-based instruction with real-world examples.
    3D graphics, animations and inflight footage ensure participants understand the information and can teach it effectively.
  • Convenient at-distance course brings the classroom to the home or office and lets instructors renew their certificate at their own pace, and in the comfort and privacy of their own place.

The ASA FIRC contents meet Advisory Circular (AC) 61-83 requirements and contain a full review of recent changes in rules and procedures affecting general aviation and flight instruction. Using the ASA FIRC ensures that instructors have the most current information, are aware of the FAA’s areas of emphasis, and receive the most innovative instructional techniques.

Paperwork processing is handled at no additional charge. Qualified graduates can either complete the renewal with their local FSDO or use ASA ’s ACR -approval.

The course consists of 16 lessons, 16 five-question multiple-choice quizzes, four 16-question multiple choice stage exams, and supplemental reading assignments.

FIRC program contents:

  • Stage 1 - Industry Trends and Standards
  •     Lesson 1 - Safety Trends in General Aviation: How CFIs Can Directly Contribute to Aviation Safety
  •     Lesson 2 - Security Related Special Use Airspace: What’s Going on Where and How to Stay Clear
  •     Lesson 3 - Transportation Security Administration (TSA): What Flight Instructors Have to Know to Stay Out of Trouble
  •     Lesson 4 - Regulatory, Policy, and Publications Changes and Updates
  • Stage 2 - Professional Educator
  •     Lesson 5 - Ethics and Professionalism in the Role of the Flight Instructor
  •     Lesson 6 - How to Teach Effectively and Build a Culture of Safety in Your Students and Your Workplace
  •     Lesson 7 - How to Give an Effective and Useful Flight Review
  •     Lesson 8 - How to Make the Best Use of the FAASTeam and the WINGS – Pilot Proficiency Program in Your Program of Instruction  
  • Stage 3 - Aircraft Operations
  •     Lesson 9 - Pilot Deviations: Their Causes and How to Teach Your Students to Plan Ahead to Avoid Them
  •     Lesson 10 - Navigating in the 21st Century: Pilotage to GPS
  •     Lesson 11 - Takeoffs/Landings/Low Maneuvering
  •     Lesson 12 - Risk Management/Risk Intervention Strategies
  • Stage 4 - Expanding Your Horizons
  •     Lesson 13 - Sport Pilot
  •     Lesson 14 - Transition Training
  •     Lesson 15 - Technically Advanced Aircraft (TAA)
  •     Lesson 16 - Enhancing Your Training With FITS and IACRA

Paperwork processing is handled at no additional charge; with ASA's ACR-approval, they issue a temporary certificate to qualified graduates upon successful completion of the course. Therefore it isn't necessary for participants to schedule an appointment with their local FSDO.

System Requirements: Computer (compatible with both PC and Macintosh systems), tablet or mobile device (compatible with Apple and Android systems); an internet connection (high-speed connection recommended) and browser.


To renew your flight instructor certificate, you must be in compliance with 14 CFR 61.197 Renewal of flight instructor certificates, specifically:

  1. A person who holds a valid and current flight instructor certificate may renew that certificate by …A graduation certificate showing that, within the preceding 3 calendar months, the person has successfully completed an approved flight instructor refresher course consisting of ground training or flight training, or a combination of both.
  2. The expiration month of a renewed flight instructor certificate shall be 24 calendar months from- (1) The month the renewal requirements are accomplished; or (2) The month of expiration of the current flight instructor certificate provided¥ (i) The renewal requirements are accomplished within the 3 calendar months preceding the expiration month of the current flight instructor certificate, and (ii)…the approved flight instructor refresher course must be completed within the 3 calendar months preceding the expiration month of the current flight instructor certificate.

ASA must receive all your paperwork prior to or on the last day of your expiration month, and you must successfully complete the FIRC course prior to or on the last day of your expiration month or they cannot renew your flight instructor certificate. ASA will process your renewal within 2-3 business days upon successful completion of the course; ASA is not responsible for delays resulting by any mail carrier.

14 CFR 61.197 allows you to submit an application for renewal within 4 months of your certificate's expiration date and still retain your original expiration month. However, this FIRC graduation certificate is good for only 3 calendar months. Therefore, if your certificate expires in March, you could complete a FIRC as early as January 1, submit your application, and you would retain your original expiration date of March.

You cannot renew an expired certificate. The FAA refers to this as a 'reinstatement.' To reinstate your license, you must take a checkride; one ride will renew all the ratings listed on your expired flight instructor certificate. Although participating in a FIRC would be beneficial from a knowledge standpoint, it could not be used as the basis for your reinstatement. You do not need to take the Knowledge Exam again, to reinstate your license.


List Price: $124.95
Now: $114.95

Add ASA Flight Instructor Renewal Course To Cart

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Customer Reviews For ASA Flight Instructor Renewal Course:
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Monday, July 22, 2013
ASA CFI Renewal
by Kevin the 172 Captain from NORTH PORT FL USA 

Pros: Renewed my certificate
Cons: Delivery method, poor video content - not concise enough, seemed to ramble, web links send you to FAA documents to read, which are very wordy.
Review: This year I decided to try a different CFI renewal since I had used the AOPA/Jepp for all my other renewals. I knew ASA produced quality material so I was excited to see what they had. My excitement was short lived. It's a web based program that I had to have the activation key sent to me (paid (wasted) shipping) along with a workbook that was entirely useless / not needed. The content was not organized well within the modules, i had several links that didn't work, the videos were VERY long winded and often rambled, and many times links sent you to FAA sites to read the material, which was very wordy. On several occasions, I felt like I was reviewing for my private pilot certificate. Sessions covered some material I felt could have been left out or shortened, and failed to cover material I felt should have been in there. It seemed like ASA wanted a CFI renewal course and just threw a bunch of stuff together to satisfy the FAA. WON'T be using this again, especially since they just updated the AOPA/Jepp course.
Was this Review Helpful to you?   Yes   No

Friday, February 08, 2013
by ANTHONY from Boiling Springs SC USA 
Cons: The material needs to be updated; some of the video material did not correspond with the test questions!
Review: I was glad to be able to renew my CFI certificate on line; it was convenient to finish at my own pace.
Was this Review Helpful to you?   Yes   No

Wednesday, January 02, 2013
More of the same
by A Customer from Glendale AZ USA 

Pros: Could be completed quickly
Cons: Ambiguous questions, only 5 questions per quiz
Review: Met expectations, but very little new material from the course I completed 2 years ago
Was this Review Helpful to you?   Yes   No

Monday, October 29, 2012
by Don from Evergreen CO USA 
Pros: nothing
Cons: everything, very dissapointed and wouldn't recommend it to anyone.
Review: I thought most of the video's were too long and very boring lacking content. One instructor, I can't remember his name was difficult to understand (german accent I think)
The worst part of the course was if you failed one of the many quiz's twice, you flunk the entire course and need to start over. I'm not one to usually fail a course, but the content was way too long and extremely boring.
Was this Review Helpful to you?   Yes   No

Monday, July 09, 2012
Great course
by Forrest from Kelso WA USA 

Pros: Very good cd and course content. Good instructors.
Cons: None
Review: I found the course to be easy to use and informative of the material needed to be covered.
Was this Review Helpful to you?   Yes   No

Tuesday, May 01, 2012
I would buy this product again
by David from Tulsa OK USA 

Pros: good instructions. easy to complete lesson and take the tests online.
Cons: courses could have been a little shorter.
Review: Quick and easy.  To the point.  Complete at your own pace.  It met all my expectations and I really enjoyed it.
Was this Review Helpful to you?   Yes   No

Tuesday, April 10, 2012
by Vic from atlanta ga USA 
Review: It's really straight forward. Flows together nicely.
Was this Review Helpful to you?   Yes   No

Thursday, March 01, 2012
by Gary flying an RV-6A from Creswell OR USA 
Pros: Easy to use and ASA was good about answering questions I had during the time I was taking the course.
Cons: Some links to FAA websites didn't work well or at all.
Review: Required subject matter well covered. It beats the 2-day live courses I've taken in the past and I could do it at my own pace.
Was this Review Helpful to you?   Yes   No

Friday, March 18, 2011
very well done,precise,to the point
by russell from mission TX USA 

Pros: material required
Cons: some info elementary
Review: It did what I expected in easy method.
Was this Review Helpful to you?   Yes   No

Tuesday, March 08, 2011
Good Course
by Conrad from South Bend IN USA 

Pros: Had subject matter on disks.
Review: Wish the subject matter followed the online course, as the end of class tests and stage tests were in a different order. Other wise brought me up to snuff in subject matter pertinent to present day instruction.
Was this Review Helpful to you?   Yes   No

Saturday, December 18, 2010
Not as good as Jeppesen
by Paul from Peoria AZ USA 

Pros: Video lectures, emphasis on TAA
Cons: Confusing correlation between on-line, DVD and workbook material
Review: I liked the depth of material and the video lectures were good. I also liked the emphasis on Technically Advanced Aircraft. I did not find the correlation between the work book, on-line material and DVD's straight forward or easy to follow. It was sometimes confusing and difficult to find the content (lesson on the DVD) that was required by the lesson; and also not clear if the DVD material for a particular lesson was required or optional.
Was this Review Helpful to you?   Yes   No

Friday, November 19, 2010
I wouldn't buy this course again
by A Customer from STANTON CA USA 

Review: I've been using this course for many years now however the content of the course and work book is very confusing and I would not recommend buying this home study course. I recommend going to one of the weekend flight schools to renew your CFI. Don't waste your money on this course.
Was this Review Helpful to you?   Yes   No

Monday, October 25, 2010
It is a bad as the Jeppesen course
by Carl from Ocala FL USA 

Pros: nothing
Cons: Have to be glued to a computer terminal for a total of about 20 hours.
Review: I loved the old CFI refresher courses that supplied all the materials and you could work on them at anytime, anywhere. Now even with this course, you have to be glued to a terminal for a total of about 20 hours. That means not while in a hotel while on a trip, but glued to a seat. I almost think they want people to drop out of the CFI circuit. If nothing else the AOPA course may see an upsurge of attendance. At least that is only 3 days. For what it is worth the Jeppesen is not any better. My understanding if you after you read a page of online material you have to click the page to progress to the next page. Ugh!
Was this Review Helpful to you?   Yes   No

Tuesday, August 03, 2010
Great product and DVD's are a Plus!
by Randy from Columbus MS USA 

Pros: DVD's, test's are easily taken. Price is great for product received.
Cons: Requires internet access for about half of the course.
Review: The ASA FIRC is a fine product and I will use it again for my next FIRC. The DVD's are well produced and I plan to show portions of them to my students. This course is excellent.
Was this Review Helpful to you?   Yes   No

Tuesday, June 08, 2010
I would buy this product again in the new and improved version.
by Robert from Mooresville NC USA 

Pros: Very Detailed
Cons: Some of the quiz questions were not covered in the associated material. Answers should always start with capitalized letters and be on the same line as the "check box"
Review: You would do well to reshoot the scenes that have dated material in the background (like the 2003 FAR/AIM).
Was this Review Helpful to you?   Yes   No

Wednesday, June 02, 2010
by John from Port Orange FL USA 
Review: I would buy again.
Was this Review Helpful to you?   Yes   No

Monday, April 26, 2010
What a joke.
by John from Christiansburg VA USA 

Pros: Can't think of any.
Cons: It's entirely too much website based.
Review: Exactly what I didn't want. It's mostly computer stuff so I have to go somewhere to work on it. It's the most unorganized, disjointed course of study I've ever seen and I'm surprised the FAA approved it. Unfortunately, walk-in clinics are getting few and far between and I may have to use this abortion again but I already dread even thinking about it.
Was this Review Helpful to you?   Yes   No

Thursday, November 19, 2009
Not reccomended
by Jay Bradshaw from Gresham OR USA 

Pros: None
Cons: To much garbage on the tapes that was not related to anything normal.
Review: This was the worst study kit I have seen. No study information included, I had to search fo material to study on my own. Compared to Jeppesen renewal it simply stinks. I was able to renew my certificate with it but being in aviation for 50 years helped more than the study kit. the review should be to learn from it not a pass or fail. I wont use it again.
Was this Review Helpful to you?   Yes   No

Sunday, October 04, 2009
I would buy this product for my next renewal
by A Customer from narrowsburg NY USA 

Pros: Very good academics in most subjects. Refers to Web sites for additional reading
Review: We don't have internet capability at home so a FIRC that doesn't rely entirely on the internet is best for us. This course is set up so one can do the lessons via CD then take the quiz or stage test by logging on the website.  Previously we used the Jepperson FIRC but that is no longer offered, except on the internet.
Was this Review Helpful to you?   Yes   No

Wednesday, August 19, 2009
Not terribly impressed
by A Customer from Zionsville IN USA 

Pros: It'll get the job done.
Cons: Answers are a little hard to deduce from the course material, even when you have the questions on front of you when watching the DVD's.
Review: I guess it will get the job done. I was hoping to find a non-Internet based course - like the Jeppesen one I took two years ago. This one requires both DVD's and then the Internet is required to take the quizzes (for each stage) and the tests (at the end of a series of topics.)
Was this Review Helpful to you?   Yes   No

Friday, October 12, 2007
Informative publication
by John C. from Livermore, CA  

Review: I am not finished with product yet. It has been a very good learning tool for CFI renewal. I am half done.
Was this Review Helpful to you?   Yes   No




Previous Customer Questions For ASA Flight Instructor Renewal Course:
Ask Your Own Question
On Sunday, May 18, 2014 a customer asked:
Can I take the course using my iPad

Yes, you can complete the course on your iPad.   It's compatible with both PC and Macintosh systems, tablets and mobile devices (compatible with Apple and Android systems).   Basically you need an internet connection (high-speed connection recommended) and web browser.


On Friday, January 20, 2012 a customer asked:
Will the ASA FIRC count as a Advanced Ground School Instructor renewal?

Yes, completion of a FIRC will renew your Advanced Ground Instructor privileges. However, there are other options as well. If you haven't been actively instructing, then consider options ( c ) and ( d ) of 61.217.

14 CFR Part 61.217 - Recent experience requirements
The holder of a ground instructor certificate may not perform the duties of a ground instructor unless the person can show that one of the following occurred during the preceding 12 calendar months:
(a) Employment or activity as a ground instructor giving pilot, flight instructor, or ground instructor training;
(b) Employment or activity as a flight instructor giving pilot, flight instructor, or ground instructor ground or flight training;
(c) Completion of an approved flight instructor refresher course and receipt of a graduation certificate for that course; or
(d) An endorsement from an authorized instructor certifying that the person has demonstrated knowledge in the subject areas prescribed under ? 61.213(a)(3) and (a)(4), as appropriate.
Doc. No. FAA-2006-26661, 74 FR 42562, Aug. 21, 2009

On Monday, February 21, 2011 a customer asked:
Is this course approved for helicopter CFI's
A: Sorry, this is for fixed wing CFI's only.

On Sunday, February 06, 2011 a customer asked:
does jeppesen not sell the paper and dvd course any more?
A: No, unfortunately, Jeppesen stopped selling the CFI Renewal DVD about 18 months ago.

On Friday, September 03, 2010 a customer asked:
How do you take the quizzes and exams? Mail them in or online?
A: All of the testing is done online.

On Saturday, February 28, 2009 a customer asked:
My flight instructor certificate was issued June 8, 2007. Regarding renewal, is it 90 days prior to the expiration date that I need to renew? I would like to start the course, and believe I would finish sometime by the end of April 2009.
A: You can get started on it right now and return it anytime up until the expiration date of the your certificate (June 8, 2009).  If you complete the course prior to March 8, 2009 (more than three months before your expiration) then your new expiration date will be the date you return the materials.  However, if you complete and return the course anytime after March 8, 2009 (three months prior to your expiration date) and prior to June 8, 2009 then your new certificate will expire June 2011.

On Friday, December 05, 2008 a customer asked:
Do you have a Refresher course(flight instructor) that is geared toward the rotory wing pilot?
A: This Refresher Course - and every one that we are aware of - is primarly geared towards the fixed wing instructor, however they can be used for renewal of the Rotory Wing CFI certificate as well.



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