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Sigtronics S-AR ANR Headset information

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Product # 3698

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Sigtronics S-AR ANR Headset

- 5 customer reviews.

Sigtronics S-AR ANR Headset

Active Noise Reduction Stereo / Mono Headset

  • Up to 19 dB of Active Noise Reduction
  • Stereo / Mono Switch
  • Ultra-Deep Gel Seals
  • Powder Coated No-Glare hardware
  • Full 3 Year Warranty
  • Ultra-Foam Windscreen
  • Noise Canceling Mic
  • Power - One 9 volt battery
  • Perfect Flex Boom
  • Only 17 ounces

When Sigtronics set out to make a great active noise reduction headset, they were determined not to compromise on its passive qualities. The comfort, noise reduction and quality construction that is the standard of excellence of their passive headsets is the foundation of the new S-AR active headset.

American Made Quality
From the moment you put them on you'll notice the quiet difference of Sigtronics American Made quality. The S-AR headset protects your hearing switched on or off. With the S-AR switched on you will hear a major reduction in low frequency noise. Radio transmissions that are weak and garbled on passive headsets will sound strong and clear with the S-AR headset.

Comfort and Performance
The S-AR headset features the exclusive air foam head pad cushion that virtually eliminates "Hot-spots" and "Head-clamping". The "Ultra-Deep" gel ear seals are great for comfort and ease of use. The custom-flex boom permits perfect mic placement. Non-glare powder-coated hardware and "Ultra-Foam" windscreen are attractive and functional. The Sigtronics high-noise canceling electret microphone guarantees crisp, clear communications every time.

RFI and EMI Free
Sigtronics exclusive "Stop-Break" high flex cord, and RFI and EMI free electronics make the S-AR ideal for pilots who want more comfort from a high-performance active stereo / mono headset. A battery power module with belt clip and custom headset bag are included with all S-AR series headsets.

Microphone:  M-81
Mic Boom Type:  Custom Flex
Main Cable: Straight
Main Cable Plug: Dual Aviation
Noise Reduction:  Up to 19 dB Active
Weight: 17 oz.
Warranty: 3 Years





Now: $494.00

Add Sigtronics S-AR ANR Headset To Cart

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Customer Reviews For Sigtronics S-AR ANR Headset:
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Wednesday, October 19, 2016
Great performance for the price.
by matthew from Grass Valley CA USA 

Pros: Price, Great passive and decent ANR.
Cons: Touch Bulky. Left mic only even though reversible.
Review: This is my second set of Sigtronics ANR headsets. Now my passenger can enjoy the quiet as well. Even if the battery dies, the passive function of the headset is better than most passive only headsets.
A few quirks: Mic really REALLY needs to be on the left side. Putting the mic on the right produces some squeals and bass pulses. This is true of both headsets. To their credit, it says to keep it on the left in the manual.
A touch bulky, but still better than the David Clarks.
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Friday, August 26, 2016
Underrated and Value Priced
by matthew from Grass Valley CA USA 

Pros: Great PNR very quiet ANR. Comfortable. Price. Simplicity.
Cons: Bulky. Sound quality is good but "odd".
Review: After decades of engine building and machining I've lost some hearing. An aircraft is about the worst case scenario for me. During flight training I found myself preferring the Sig headset over just about anything else in the communal pile. I don't need bluetooth or phone, and I don't want to spend $800-1000 so I chose the Sig ANR. Cuts a huge amout of noise, and lets me hear traffic at our very busy local airport. Replaces low frequency with a bit of a hiss, but it is not that noticeable when in flight. Not the most natural sounding, but a massive step above PNR only. Sometimes my own volume over the intercom goes up when the ANR is active. Also a bit bulky if you are tall or in a very cramped cockpit. (I have both)
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Tuesday, June 05, 2012
Stay away from sigtronics
by Greg from Florida 

Pros: NONE
Review: NOT being able to hear controlers in the pattern is a life threatening situation. It happened to me, dont let it happen to you. Poor reception in the head set and broke up audio reported by others when I key the mike. STAY AWAY FROM SIGTRONICS.
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Tuesday, July 19, 2011
quiet but poor sound quality
by Steve from Las Vegas, NV 

Pros: Quiet, comfortable
Cons: Very poor speech reception sometimes.
Review: Excellent noise reduction, both active and passive, and very comfortable. However, for whatever reason, certain transmissions are always very muffled and hard to understand (using a brand new battery). For example, my local ATC folks (VGT) and Las Vegas approach are very clear, but LA Center over several of their frequency changes is extremely hard for me to understand using this headset. This is consistent, time and time again, whereas if I put on any of my other headsets LA Center then becomes crystal clear. Due to this I stopped using the headset completely and gave it to my wife.
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Wednesday, February 06, 2008
Love this headset
by A Customer from Tulsa, OK 

Pros: Comfortable for long rides
Cons: On the heavy side
Review: Since my hearing is valuable to me, I went with an ANC headset. Sigtronics S-AR does quite well for me. It requires a 9V battery which lasts me at least 20 hours. Noise cancellation makes a great difference, too. Having engine and prop noise reduced means that it was easier to hear ATC and my instructor (who tends to mumble.) The only gotchas with this headset are the weight - not too heavy, but noticeable, and that audio gets distorted when the battery is dying. Just switch off the noise cancellation when that happens and audio returns to normal.
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